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All Switches On1.0

05 June 2009

Turn all the switches on.


All Switches On...Tap a switch to turn it on/off. But watch out, its neighbouring switches will change their value. As an extra twist, neighbouring switches that flip out of bounds switch on the other side of the board. You'll have to think ahead before making each move.

The game is fully customizable, making it easy enough for beginning players, and incredibly challenging for master players. Start with one neighbour switching and increase the difficulty up to four neighbours.

With up to four neighbour switching, four game board sizes, and five levels of difficulty, you get EIGHTY different combinations of the game. New puzzles are generated based on your setting combinations so there's tons of puzzle variety.

There's no time limit so relax and take your time. But don't be too relaxed, you'll only rank on the High Score charts with high difficulty and fast times.


  • Up to four neighbour switching
  • Four increasingly large game boards (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9)
  • Five levels of increasing difficulty
  • High score tracking

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