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06 February 2012

Web-based reporting solution for MySQL.


myDBR is an innovative Web based reporting solution for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server with support for latest smartphones (Android, iPhone, and Symbian). myDBR reporting solution brings unparalleled speed of authoring even the most complex reports. By automating most of the work needed on traditional reporting systems, myDBR increases productivity and offers a cost effective reporting solution. myDBR includes easy to use features for creating reports for every need, from advanced tabular report features to full range of charts to visualize numeric data.

myDBR also integrates AT&T's Graphviz graph visualization software for creating graphs and network diagrams, and Google Maps for creating map mashups. myDBR's unique approach to reporting allows users to build a true report network instead of single or loosely connected reports. When adding new reports to the myDBR's report network, users are allowed to have full interactions between reports thus taking the most out of the report authoring effort and providing natural access to the data for the end user.

With myDBR's report network feature, user is able to create a network of reports which models the business process and environment. With myDBR, up to date reports are available whenever needed without any additional installations, infrastructure or costs. myDBR reporting solution fully supports latest mobile devices in addition to all modern desktop Web browsers. myDBR is optimized for Google's Android, Apple's iPhone and Symbian based smartphones, enabling users location independent access to reports with their mobile devices.

What's new in myDBR

Version 3.3.0:

New features/Improvements:

  • Added sparkline chart (inline chart) support
  • Active Directory synchronization allows importing current AD users and groups
  • Pie labels are now clickable in linked charts
  • wkhtmltopad PDF export headers now customizable
  • dbr.javascript option allows script to run after the DOM hierarchy has been fully constructed


  • A problem with Chrome and gz compressed javascript has been fixed
  • Improvements to skip_single_line_summary option
  • A problem with xlsx-export fixed
  • JSON support for exports in older PHP installations without built in json
  • A problem with connected paramerters has been fixed
  • A problem with wkhtmltopdf headers fixed

As always, you can update to new version using the myDBR's automatic updater.

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