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10 Pin Shuffle1.0

02 June 2009

Shuffle board and bowling combined.


10 Pin Shuffe...10 Pin Shuffle contains two great games in one, played in a realistic 3D environment:

Regular table Shuffleboard that you've enjoyed in the local bar. Play against a friend or a computer controlled opponent trying to out-shuffle each other's weights or blast them off the table.

Shuffle Bowling with real 3D pin physics! Similar to regular 10 Pin Bowling except played on a shuffleboard table using weights/pucks instead of a bowling ball. The powerful "Newton" 3D physics engine provides the most realistic pin collisions of any ten pin bowling game available on the App Store to date. Play on your own, against one of several computer controlled opponents of varying skill levels or against a friend. If you liked Wii Sports Bowling then you're going to love your 10 Pin Shuffle bowling experience.

For non American readers, shuffleboard is a fun and popular game found in many bars around America. It's played on a long smooth table sprinkled with "shuffleboard wax" to create a very low friction surface that the shuffleboard weights can easily slide on. Each player takes it in turns to slide four weights as far as they can down the table without landing in the gutters. The person who shoots the furthest each round wins the points. It's similar to the sport of curling without having to suffer the indignity of running after your puck and polishing the ice with a funny looking brush. Shuffleboard is a fun, skill game in its own right and if you haven't tried it before then give it a whirl !

10 Pin Shuffle Features:

  • Impressive 3D graphics.
  • Real 3D physics engine and accurate pin physics.
  • Realistic sound effects and crowd reactions.
  • Listen to your iPod music library while you play.
  • Bowling statistics updated and saved each game.
  • Turkey rewards and winners animations.
  • Unlock new opponents of increasing skill levels.
  • Resume game if iPhone is interrupted.
  • Works on all iPhones and iPod touch models.
  • Two fun games for the price of one !

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