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Annihilation Arena1.0

29 May 2009

Upgrade your ship to destroy enemies.


Annihilation Arena...Enemies seeking your destruction are constantly swarming into the Arena! You must out maneuver and out shoot them to survive, whilst constantly exploring the area for valuable items and weapons to aid you in battle! Features:

  • Three different Arenas set in varied environments including Ancient Egypt, A Planet of Ice and a Volcanic world
  • Eight different weapons including a Flamethrower, Pulse Bomb, Railgun and Laser Minigun
  • Special Power-Up items to enhance speed, damage and armor
  • Beautifully rendered graphics and optimized OpenGL animation designed specially for the iPhone.
  • Action inspiring background music tracks produced by Kulture of Dubstep fame
  • Immersive sound effects
  • Varied difficulty system for beginners and regular gamers
  • Save state functionality ensures you can quit at any time and come straight back to the action where you left off

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