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War Generation


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War Generation1.0

26 May 2009

Turn base strategy game.


War Generation... It's time to show your potential ability as the superb commander and show your country the glory. War Generation is the turn based military strategy game for ipod(iphone). Variety missions, superpowers and units are waiting for you. Produce your units, fight against the enemy's, and capture their buildings with your variety strategies to defeat them. There is no one perfect unit and no one perfect strategy for every missions. Synastry of variety units and strategies is the only way to victory. With about 70 kinds of unit and 40 missions, enjoy War Generation. Especially If you like classic turn based strategy games, you will be addicted.


  • Turn based strategy game
  • Campaign mode with 10 missions
  • Freeplay mode with 30 missions
  • 40 maps with variety size
  • 4 superpowers and about 70 kinds of units
  • Changing map setting is available
  • 4 save slots.
  • Autosaved every turn.
  • Very simple interface to enjoy

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