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Fluffy Bear1.0

26 May 2009

Help the bear stand up.


Fluffy Bear... Introducing "Fluffy"! The one-of-a-kind stand-up bear! Fluffy loves it when people play with her and help her stand up! Touch the screen in all the right places to get Fluffy up on her hind legs. The more you help her, the more she'll want to play with you, frolicking and jumping with joy! How can you resist such a cute little bear? Play with her lots, and make her happy!

No complicated rules here! It's all about the touch factor. See how many times you can get Fluffy to stand before time is up! Getting a bear up on its hind legs? It might sound simple, but it can get so addictive that you'll lose track of time! The controls are so simple, you can play with one hand! Great for killing time on the train, bus, or anywhere. Show this app to friends, a sweetheart, family members, you name it! Anyone will get a kick out of it!

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