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27 November 2010

Create relaxing music.


Elementals is a unique interactive musical application where you can create your own music for relaxation, enjoyment, and personal travel soundtrack. Elementals are graphical widgets that you drag onto Islands to generate music. Each Elemental and Island interact to create music based on the board defaults. You can customize the Elementals to play different music loops from the available samples on any board for any Island.

Three boards are available:

  • Fire Sands - Drum and Bass loops
  • Terra Pedestals - Organic instruments with a hint of alien folk tradition sounds
  • Alien Web - Hypnotic trance loops and electro bubbles

You can change the music by moving and swapping the Elementals on Islands by touch or gently shaking the device.

You can record your own audio, if a headset with microphone is attached. You can record up to as many empty Islands on the board, which can be up to 7 separate recorded audio loops.


  • Customizable live music using unique samples
  • Change available samples/audio for a board during play
  • Simple interaction produces interesting music
  • Utilize shake gesture to easily mix or start music
  • Adjust volume per island/sample
  • Record your own audio tracks, up to 7 tracks available
  • Add delay to recorded audio

What's new in Elementals

Version 1.1:
  • Shake gesture introduces the music more gracefully
  • added an extra long delay to Earth board
  • General performance improvements

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