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Four tools for improving your workflow.   Shareware ($34.99)
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Automaton is four tools in one program, each of which is indispensable. It includes AutoNotes, AutoClips, AutoTyper and AutoFiler.

AutoNotes is notepad unlike any other. You can activate it with a hotkey, and automatically save notes into your "repository", for lightning fast quick notes. Your documents are all linked together like a wiki for fast navigating between pages. You can add tags to group your documents. But best of all, the "repository" is just a plain folder of text and RTF files. So you're not tied down to any proprietary file formats, and you can open existing folders
What's New
  • Filer: work around a nasty bug in OS X 10.7 Lion causing rules not to match.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Automaton User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Surfspirit reviewed on 17 Sep 2013
Once a very promise app, but lacks updates for long time, it stop working correctly with the Snow Leopard 20013-004 Security Update, it seems to have a serious memory leak, starting with 50 Mb, and in a few seconds it gets more than a gigabyte! Making all the OS sluggish. An update needed or an alternative app.!
[Version 1.50]


Islandmike commented on 09 Jun 2013
If you use the snippet/typer feature a lot like I did..
Automaton and auto typer still work as of 10.8.4 but it is losing some access in panes and some things are not working as well as we progress up the OSX update hierarchy. The developer has stopped supporting. There is another macro program that can import the Typer.autotyper file from user/library/application support/automaton/ called aText. It imports the macro or snippet formatting, the label, the abbreviation and is much better than exporting the CSV file from Automaton/AutoTyper and then importing into aText -- aText has good support and is not expensive.
[Version 1.50]


Ratti commented on 14 Oct 2012
It's a pity that the developer is dormant since over a year.
[Version 1.50]



Steven Goodheart reviewed on 28 Jul 2011
Automaton has become the most-used utility; I use it dozens, if not hundreds of times of a day—taking quick notes, copying and pasting text and links for Facebook posts, and using the AutoTyper to expand boilerplate and dates and signatures. For the price, such a great combination of features and utilities can't be beat, and when I've (rarely) had questions, the developer has answered quickly and helpful. Highly recommended!
[Version 1.50]



Drking reviewed on 21 Apr 2011
I've been using each of these programs for awhile now. The developer keeps them updated and is very responsive to emails. I wouldn't know where to start in choosing which I like best because they all get used frequently on my computer, each with their list of features----definitely worth the money I spent for them.
[Version 1.45]


Cerebrl commented on 31 Jan 2010
I have just purchased this software with the MUPromo discount. I am still getting to know the software, so I am not going to rate it yet. What I do want to inform potential customers about is the amazing support the developer provides.

I am a previous user of ClipMenu, so finding out that Automaton has a pasteboard functionality as well, I wanted Automaton to provide an additional functionality for me to completely move to Automaton. When I suggested to the developer that he add this functionality (pasting as plain text), he said, "how would you like me to implement it?" I told him with a keystroke + click. The next day he said it would be option + click to past as plain text.

Amazingly fast replies and very friendly support. Great value.

[Version 1.26]



Ploth reviewed on 04 Jan 2010
As others have said the developer is very friendly & responsive (what else would you expect from an Aussie?!).

I haven't really used this to it's full potential but it is well worth the money and has many useful features.

The Clips part was the main draw card for me - and it does work very well. It has a few great features though really could use integration to the Right Click Menu and a popup clip'board'.

Autofiler is great, as is typer. Notes is amazingly powerful - I really should use it but I find I only really use todo's that sync with my iPhone.

This is among the best value software I have bought and I hope the few missing features are added to keep it at the top!
[Version 1.23]


Ratti commented on 30 Nov 2009
I already owned TextExpander and Typinator licenses. Out of curiosity I bought Automaton, and have to say that the developer really sets the new standard with AutoTyper. I have emailed him several times. As this product is quite new, maybe there are not yet that many customers, but I have never had a developer respond that fast with eMails AND new releases. I switched off TexExpander and Typinator for now, AutoTyper does it all and more. I have not yet looked that deep into AutoFiler, but it seems it does nearly everything that Hazel can do for you and a bit more. AutoClips seems, compared to other clipboard managers, the weakest part of the Automaton package, but I have not yet bombarded the developer with request eMails. So I am pretty sure AutoClips will close up fast.
All Automaton modules may have less eye candy than comparable apps from other developers, but that is not important to me.
[Version 1.21]



Ljmac reviewed on 23 Nov 2009
Okay, it is true that earlier releases of this ap were quite buggy (although fortunately never in a destructive way), but as everyone else says, the developer is VERY responsive, and I've emailed him extensively to identify and squash as many bugs as I could find. Now, with version 1.2, I think I can confidently say this ap is ready for prime time. And what an insanely useful little ap it is! You'll pay nearly as much as Automaton for the AutoTyper features alone from better known utilities such as Text Expander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me etc., but this works at least as well as they do IMHO, and you get all these other useful utilities thrown in! The note taker in particular is uniquely powerful, flexible and compatible. AutoFiler is probably the dark horse in the package, as it can do some incredibly powerful and useful things, but it's a little hard to describe until you try it. For example, it's ability to remove OS X 10.5+'s annoying download warning works more easily and reliably than any of the hacks I've tried. AutoClips does have at least one good free alternative, but I feel Automaton implements this functionality very well (as it does everything else), and it's good to have it as part of this nice little package.
[Version 1.20]


Denny commented on 26 Oct 2009
Oh oh!
Something is wrong with Version 1.17 of this app. I've been running a demo for the past few days and my iMac is crawling at times. In reviewing Activity Monitor, the app is using up over 900MB of RAM and 1.57GB of Virtual Memory. Yikes!!
Needless to say, in the trash with ya!
[Version 1.17]

2 Replies


Countach (developer) replied on 11 Nov 2009
Hi, this is the developer.

You've got to be really cautious in interpreting memory usage stats.

If you've got Growl installed, which most people do, try this experiment: goto System Preferences, Growl configuration, and check "Show Growl icon in menu bar". Now look for "Growl Menu" in Activity Monitor. For me on Leopard Growl 1.2 (64 bit) shows 8 Gigabytes VSIZE for this dinky little app, which all it can do is display that menu. On Snow Leopard, it shows 300MB which is twice as big as Automaton. Turn and on and off. Starts up pretty quick huh? Do you think its allocating 8GB of memory in less than one second?

Private Memory (RPRVT on Leopard) is the only number that even nearly means something, and even then has to be qualified by other considerations.

Why is Automaton different to other apps? Well partly because it is 64bit, which Leopard seems to be exceedingly confused about. It may be partly due to the architecture which uses a lot of small plugins, which probably also confuses the reporting in Activity Monitor. If you've got WriteRoom, Automaton uses the plugin library that developer wrote. WriteRoom on my Leopard machine (32 bit) has VSIZE of 365MB, before I even type anything, all for a fairly basic text editor. Clearly WriteRoom doesn't really use 365MB to show an empty text editor.

For example, right now I'm running Automaton 64 bit on Snow Leopard, and it says 183MB Virtual Memory (VSIZE). But the private memory is only 14MB. Shared Memory is 32.5MB. That means that Automaton is linked against Apple libraries that might be 183MB, little of which has, or ever will get into memory! All it means is these program pages *could* get into memory if the program ever asked for them. But a typical program only asks for certain features out of a large library. The 32.5MB says that at least that much has got into memory, but it might not have been Automaton that did it! If Automaton is linked against Cocoa libraries, and say Finder is linked against the same library, it might have been Finder that caused that memory to get loaded!

The private memory truly belongs to Automaton, but even then it might not all be resident. Most programs will have only a small portion of their actual memory resident at once. How much memory the program demands as resident depends on how much it is "touching" at the time. Programs that have no windows open at the time typically aren't touching much. Programs that are inactive, or whose activity doesn't need much data aren't touching much. Its only active memory that really matters. For example, let's say you load an enormous document into AutoNotes, and then close it. Programs don't relinquish memory as far as Activity Monitor is concerned, but it gets paged out to disk, so your real memory isn't used. Yes, there is a "Real Mem" column in Activity Monitor, but it includes shared libraries, so its not that helpful. Right now I'm using 76MB of real memory, of which 70MB is shared, so at a rough guess Automaton is probably occupying 6MB or less of memory that you could save if you shut it down. Other times, if you have been doing things, especially in the GUI this number might be bigger, but you wouldn't actually save it by shutting down, because it was all paged out anyway.

In fact, a large VIrtual Memory (VSIZE) in activity monitor, could actually indicate an efficient program. It means the program is using a lot of Apple libraries, (which are shared among different programs in memory), and not reinventing the wheel with code that can't be shared.

At the end of the day, how much real memory is used is mostly to do with how much memory the program "touches" during normal background usage. And this should be very small indeed for Automaton. How much virtual memory is directly attributed to a program is the Private Memory (RPRVT) field. Normal users should ignore most of this stuff because it is too hard to interpret.

Ljmac commented on 23 Nov 2009
I've never seen Automaton use anything like that amount of memory (and I've been using it extensively), but it is a bit of a memory hog in 64 bit on Leopard. However, if you run it in 64 bit on Snow Leopard or 32 bit on Leopard, its memory use is perfectly reasonable, especially given all the things it can do. It seems 64 bit memory management isn't too good in Leopard.
Picatinny had trouble on 18 Nov 2010
With 1.37 running in 64bit, Automaton takes up to 700MB of memory, in contrast to about 20MB in 32bit? I've set it to 32bit, unless someone explains the huge memory usage in 64bit.
[Version 1.37]

Aetintin rated on 28 Jun 2011

[Version 1.47]


PaperCutPro rated on 06 Apr 2011

[Version 1.42]

Version Downloads:1,817
Type:Utilities : File Management
Date:28 Jul 2011
Platform:PPC 64 / PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $34.99
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Automaton is four tools in one program, each of which is indispensable. It includes AutoNotes, AutoClips, AutoTyper and AutoFiler.

AutoNotes is notepad unlike any other. You can activate it with a hotkey, and automatically save notes into your "repository", for lightning fast quick notes. Your documents are all linked together like a wiki for fast navigating between pages. You can add tags to group your documents. But best of all, the "repository" is just a plain folder of text and RTF files. So you're not tied down to any proprietary file formats, and you can open existing folders of documents already linked like a Wiki with no work on your part! Then if you want, export your entire repository as a Web site. A fast and powerful way of brainstorming, making knowledge databases, or simply jotting down quick notes.

AutoClips records a history of the items you have cut and copied to the Mac Pasteboard, You can get back older items organised chronologically, or by application, or by Spaces workspace. Get them back either with a hotkey, or from a status bar menu.

AutoTyper is a classic typing saver application. It can replace what you've typed into any other application with some different text and/or images. There is support for dates, times, plain text, rich text, cursor positioning, images, and more. Save keystrokes by making abbreviations for common text. Spice up your emails or documents with signatures, pictures, logos, smilies, etc that are expanded from a simple keyword. Expand entire form letters from abbreviations. Correct common spelling errors. Programmers can make code templates.

AutoFiler uses a simple rule interface so to organize your files for you in the background. Filter on name, type, date, tags and Spotlight attributes. Move or copy files, set color labels, import into iTunes or iPhoto, archive and backup, and more. Let AutoFiler work silently in the background while you get some real work done. AutoFiler can also manage your Trash, emptying it according to your own rules, and it can even clean up after deleted applications by discarding the support files.

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