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13 September 2011

View remotely and interact with real X displays.


x11vnc allows one to view remotely and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display corresponding to a physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with any VNC viewer.

x11vnc also supports native Mac OS X Aqua/Quartz displays using the -rawfb mechanism. The mouse and keyboard input is achieved via Mac OS X API's.

So you can use x11vnc as an alternative to OSXvnc (aka Vine Server), or Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). Perhaps there is some x11vnc feature you'd like to use on Mac OS X, etc. For a number of activities (e.g. window drags) it seems to be faster than OSXvnc.

For Binaries, see here

What's new in x11vnc

Version 0.9.13:
  • Improved support for non-X11 touchscreen devices (e.g. handheld or cell phone) via Linux uinput input injection. Additional tuning parameters are added. TSLIB touchscreen calibration is supported. Tested on Qtmoko Neo Freerunner.
  • A tool, misc/uinput.pl, is provided to diagnose uinput behavior on new devices.
  • The env. vars. X11VNC_UINPUT_BUS and X11VNC_UINPUT_VERSION are available if leaving them unset does not work.
  • The Linux uinput non-X11 input injection can now be bypassed: events can be directly written to the /dev/input/event devices specified by the user (direct_abs=..., etc.)
  • A -pipeinput input injection helper script, misc/qt_tslib_inject.pl is provided as a tweakable non-builtin direct input injection method.
  • The list of new uinput parameters for the above two features is: pressure, tslib_cal, touch_always, dragskip, btn_touch; direct_rel, direct_abs, direct_btn, direct_key.
  • The MacOSX native server can now use OpenGL for the screen capture (glReadPixels().) In nearly all cases this is faster than the raw framebuffer capture method. Sadly, it appears that MacOSX 10.7 (Lion) has broken or removed OpenGL screen capture support. Set X11VNC_DEBUG_OPENGL=n to print out more debugging info.
  • There are build and run time flags, X11VNC_MACOSX_NO_DEPRECATED, etc. to disable use of deprecated input injection and screen access interfaces. Cursor shape now works for 64bit binaries.
  • Complete release notes can be found here.

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