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Dayboox Pager1.0

21 April 2009

Free picture messaging across the globe.


Dayboox Pager offers a new way of sharing pictures for FREE. Store all your life memories, share them as you like and create your personal AUTOBIOGRAPHY ON THE GO at no cost. Each entry is automatically geotagged so you'll never forget where the memories take place; add a description to better classify and explain the experience to friends, family, and fellow users.

Not always everbody else should see what you're up to. Therefore: privacy controll comes naturally with Dayboox.

If you like sharing your memories but still care about privacy then this is the perfect App for you! Each item is saved for your eyes only by default so information will never end up in the wrong hands. You can share with one friend, five friends, the entire world even, right from your iPhone but under YOUR CONTROL.

  • Each entry is as private as the memory itself
  • "For your eyes only" is the default upload setting
  • Entries are geotagged and stored chronologically
  • Instantly share and view from your iPhone
  • Never lose a memory again
Through the Dayboox Pager, users can communicate between devices and computers alike, even display the entries on all the popular social networks. Store and share your life from the one place where you're always in control. Dayboox!

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