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My Places1.0

21 April 2009

Bookmark current locations along with a picture.


My Places... is an application that allows you to bookmark your current location, along with a picture, just like you bookmark a Web site in your Web browser. You can then pull a location up on your map for directions back to it, or share a location with others via email, with one click!

  • Never lose your car again. Just bookmark it when you get out.
  • Easily find your way back to the subway when commuting.
  • Add a bookmark to your friends' houses.
  • Bookmark a great restaurant to find it again later.
  • Passing by something interesting? Bookmark it and visit when you have time.
  • Traveling? Bookmark your hotel.
  • Just move? Bookmark your home and other locations to learn your way around.
  • Meeting someone? Email them a Google Maps link to a location with one click.
  • Optionally save an image to easily identify the location visually later.
  • Map a location in the maps application with one click!

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