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Keep track of how much food is in the pantry.   Free
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With Pantry you can see at a glance how much spaghetti sauce, dog food, or toilet paper you have left. When you run low, the item will automatically appear on your shopping list.

Family members see the same list. If you run out of milk while a family member is out, milk will automatically appear on his or her Pantry list. It's as simple as that!
What's New
Version 1.2.8:
  • Expiration date now uses a calendar picker
  • Russian localization
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Anon-Bud reviewed on 18 Apr 2010
I use this, along with the iPhone companion, but I don't really like it much. The concept is great but the implementation is not:

1) Cannot sort items
2) Cannot edit the quantity value of an item
3) Stores are not remembered, i.e when entering a food item, one has to fully enter the name of the store even though it has been listed before.
4) Very quirky behavior, i.e. sometimes the edit field does not display
5) No way to drag items into other lists
6) Very confusing entry for item amounts

What I like:
1) Ability to record freshness dates and to see at-a-glance what items have expired dates and need replacing
2) Ability to list how many of each item is in stock (though see above for limitations to this)
3) Syncs well with iPhone app (through their web server)
4) Concept is excellent!

iPhone app, unfortunately, is not a whole lot better. At least the Mac app is free.

Think I'll go back to Splash Shopper.
[Version 1.2.8]



Emet1 reviewed on 25 Jul 2009
I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Found out about this from
And I love the idea! It will definitely let me use up things that get shoved to the back of the shelf. Using the app this morning, I found a can of soup that will expire this month. Wow, how long has THAT been in there?

But I can't give it a thumbs up yet.
In no particular order:
1. I want to sort everything in my items list by name. Can't figure how to do that. Clicked on the column header but nothing happened.
2. I want to search for items to add from all categories because items aren't where I would suppose they'd be. Can't do that.
3. Add my own categories (kosher, mexican, middle eastern). No way to do that.
4. Put items in different categories. Flour, sugar, baking powder, powdered sugar need a baking category. That reminds me, anyone know where powdered sugar is? I found brown sugar, but no powdered.
5. The "number on my shelf" is a little awkward. Sometimes it's logical (1 lb. coffee) other times frustrating (chocolate chips-I have two 12 ounce bags. It just seems odd to put 2 items without specifying how much in each bag. (I used the note field for the package size.)
6. I'd like to be able to add column headers to the list so I could view notes or stores. I like the idea of notes, for things like when I bought the coucous or the flour. Or add a purchased date into the item info that I can view in the column list.
7. That sync thing is always running. Can it have a "sync now" button in the lower left corner? (I don't actually have an iPhone, I was just testing all the features of the app.)
8. A few times, it froze or would not load an item I clicked on in my pantry list so I could change some details. Had to quit it and restart.
9. The ROV scanner is $300? Really? And how does that work? No details on the dev's website.

Integrating an iSight camera would be stellar, but you'd need an all-knowing, uber-database in the sky that has products from all over the world in umpty-different languages.

This software has huge potential and with some work from the developer and feedback and patience from users, it could become a must have app.
And I would pay for that.


lynnsyp commented on 29 Jun 2009
I have an ROV bluetooth scanner that I purchased along with Delicious Library to create a home inventory of CDs/DVDs/etc. I would LOVE to be able to use this to scan items I have in my "pantry" directly into "Pantry"... And then when I finish a product off, I could scan again to remove the item. Possible? Would others like to see such a feature?
[Version 1.2.2]

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Corihogg replied on 24 Jan 2011
I would love for the ROV Scanner to work with Pantry - wow! What a time saver to just scan everything as it comes out of the bag and into the fridge or into the cupboard!

Iamdorian commented on 10 Jun 2009
The comment about a only a "finite number of people" wanting an application like this is so silly. The same can be said of PhotoShop!

This is a perfect application for the iPhone/iPod. A can think of millions who own these gadgets that might want to have this handy little program (and an up-to-date database) when shopping. Now there's a million dollar idea!

There are MANY people who'd want a solid food-larder tracking application, if only they knew how very useful something like this is. The money that can be saved (and who's got too much money?) by purchasing food in larger quantities (food storage), and planning meals, can be staggering. And EVERYONE has to eat! This sort of project does, however, require a strategy for timely use and rotation of older items.


Planning requires logging dates and use/replacement of food stuffs. Careful planning strategies require a laborious tracking by hand, or a program just like this. If more people understood how to do this, and especially if they knew that this program existed (and that this might easily be accomplished) - who knows, using this program - and saving a small fortune, preparing for emergencies, and the security gained from talking care of and planning for your family's needs - might become as common as starting savings deposits, retirement funds and buying insurance. THRE IS NO BETTER INSURANCE than provident living!

Every ancient culture which survived wide scale natural disasters learned to store food. OUr nation has forgotten this, and has allowed federal food stores to drop to an all-time low. So who's going to come and rescue us if something really bad happened?

Hats off to the developer. I hope that this application matures into the slick solution it appears to be evolving into.

Perhaps allowing several of the better menu planning programs to link to your application's data could insure a wide-scale adoption of this program as a back end" to such food preparation programs? ONe program that comes to mind is "a Cook' Books." This fine program already has an internal "pantry," but it is not as intuitive or flexible as this application is becoming. I'm sure the developer might welcome an option like this. And there are no other menu-type apps that I know of which have implemented pantry capabilities. Approaching these developers might prove lucrative.

Best of luck, and thanks for developing a much-needed application.

Oh, and I love the icon. It shows you care.
[Version 1.2.2]

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hmurchison replied on 16 Jul 2009
It is of course not a silly statement but a factual one when view from the context of pricing. I showed my girlfriend Pantry(she LOVES shopping for food) and she was not interested in the least. The context of my statement is about the core market. You are correct that a small % of users want Photoshop and thus Photoshop is hundreds of dollars. Now if Adobe could sell Photoshop to say 3 billion people then I'm sure they'd be amenable to Photoshop at $75 or so but that's simply not the case.

Pantry for the iPhone is worth $2.99 to me though the market "is" in fact limited for people wanting to track their food via computer. Will the developer really gain a three-fold increase in sales by lowering the price to $.99?

I think you took "finite" a bit more pejoratively than my posting suggests.

Steven Goodheart replied on 19 Jul 2009
IAMDORIAN - great review, and couldn't agree more. Love app and look forward to seeing its evolution.


Prospero reviewed on 09 May 2009
I really like this application ... it is exactly what I was looking for.

First you have to check for your actual inventory and enter it into the program. While doing this you can decide, how much of each (cosmetics, food, etc.) you want to have available and when ("shopping list entry point") you want to buy new stuff. One can individually assign several shops to each product (for example shop A, B and C for buying milk and eggs and shop B and X for vegetables or juices). When you go shopping you just have to check what you have to buy in the shop you are currently in. What you buy is then automatically transferred to your inventory. Isn´t this GREAT? Another feature is that one can enter a dates until the product has to be used ...

Together with the iPhone app and the free web account it is very easy to keep the shopping lists of my wife and me in sync.

Shopping list can be printed ...

Two additional remarks: when I first synced the desktop program with the web account, the program crashed once. After that there hans´t been any problem so far.

The German translation should be modified as some terms aren´t correct.
[Version 1.2]

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Prospero replied on 09 May 2009
One thing I forgot to say: I absolutely don´t think that the iPhone app is too expensive. For me it is worth every penny ...
Anonymous commented on 09 May 2009

Thanks for the great review of Pantry. Would you mind sending me an email about the German terms that need to be fixed? My email is Hope to hear from you!

Sky Eckstrom
Lead Deveoper,

hmurchison replied on 11 May 2009
I've been perusing the other "grocery list" apps and I'm thinking that I really like having a desktop client to sync with. I don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet but that's coming in June but I can take the time right now to make the appropriate categories and input my panty items. I also agree $2.99 is a fair price. It's easy to assume that lowering the price of an app will generate more revenue (and usually it will) however business thrive off of profits and there are a finite amount of people that want to track their food at this level. It's important to balance the size of the market overall for this app and come to a price that keeps both the end user and developer happy. Pantry seems to be in the sweet spot. Keep up the good work.

rmendes tipped on 20 Apr 2009
Application is nice and easy to use, and a plus to having iPhone app to sync with.
The only minus is to the iPhone app being to expensive. It would, for sure, create more revenue if this app had a cost around 99 cents.
[Version 1.0.4]

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Anonymous commented on 21 Apr 2009
Thank you for the kind words about our application. Seeing somebody enjoying the app makes all the hard work worth it!
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With Pantry you can see at a glance how much spaghetti sauce, dog food, or toilet paper you have left. When you run low, the item will automatically appear on your shopping list.

Family members see the same list. If you run out of milk while a family member is out, milk will automatically appear on his or her Pantry list. It's as simple as that!

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