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07 April 2009

Browse two websites at the same time.


iBrowseTwo...do you?

iBrowseTwo is the application you've been waiting for. Just another Web browser? NO! It enables you to browse TWO websites at the same time! Let's say it again - browsing TWO websites on the same screen - no switching, unnecessary taps, no hassle. There's no app like that on App Store!

Browse by intuitive taps & swipes. Nearly full screen - only a narrow, innovative navigation bar. Drag it up and down to resize the Web space. And of course both pages can be be zoomed in and out with standard multi-touch and double tap.

It saves the last viewed pages so next time you start the program (i.e. after the phone call) it will load both of your pages automatically. You can read your favourite blog in one window while googling in the other - no switching between pages! Now you can even browse with your friend, love, etc. at the same time! That's the real sharing of iPhone experience!

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