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3D SpinBall1.0

01 April 2009

3D Pong.


3D SpinBall...Millions have played Curveball, one of the most popular 3D Pong games on the web. With the introduction of 3D SpinBall, the definitive 3D Pong experience finally arrives for the iPhone and iTouch. Using intuitive tilt or touch controls, curve or deflect balls off your paddle to trick the opponent. Beware, the opponent may be easy to fool at first, but he learns quickly.

Let the addiction begin...get 3D SpinBall today at an introductory price of 99 cents!

3D SpinBall features:

  • Intuitive touch and tilt gameplay for novices and experts
  • Slide your finger anywhere on the screen to control your paddle
  • Or for faster paddle action, try the tilt option
  • Get bonus points for accurate hits or by curving the ball off your paddle
  • Infinite levels of difficulty with an adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) engine
  • Real-time 3D physics engine
  • Gorgeous images, shading, and reflections rendered at over 30 frames per second in OpenGL
  • High-quality sounds and techno soundtracks from SCI Recordings
  • World-wide bragging rights with an online scoreboard
  • Options to disable in-game sounds and music if you wish to play your own soundtracks

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