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02 December 2010

Helps you use supplements in the most efficient way.


Sintake...( Supplement Intake ) for men and women.

Have you ever purchased a supplement and seem to run out of it fast? How many scoops/grams you take for your pre/post workout? Do you even need the "recommended" serving sizes that the supplement companies tell you to use?

Sintake will help you to do many things and most important of all, to help you use your supplement in the most efficient way.

How about you take the scoops/grams in your shakes for YOUR WEIGHT instead of taking the "recommended" serving size which is usually towards the average 200lb bodybuilder?

Sounds like a good deal. This is only one key feature that Sintake has for helping you reach your fitness goals.

What's new in Sintake

Version 1.0.1:
  • Ability to turn ON/OFF start up sound.
  • Ability to turn ON/OFF general sounds.
  • Internal maintenance.

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