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LED Calc1.0

23 March 2009

LED tool for audio-visual designers.


LED Calcicon provides a comprehensive evaluation of LED screen parameters for numerous LED projects. LED Calc is an excellent tool for audio-visual designers, technicians, sales staff, and project managers. This app calculates the dimensions, aspect ratio, weight, and amperage use for numerous LED screen products sold by Barco, Lighthouse, Winvision, and Element Labs.

Uses: Select an LED screen brand and input an initial number of tiles for the length and width of the project surface. This app calculates the dimensions of the chosen number of tiles, as well as calculating the aspect ratio, weight, and amperage use. Adjust the number of tiles to fit project requirements such as screen dimensions, rigging and support requirements, and available voltage. Calculations can be made in US standard or metric units.

This productivity tool is perfect for the audio-visual production world! All the necessary parameters are calculated in order to assess LED requirements and identify appropriate LED products for concert tours, rental and staging projects, trade shows, corporate events, movies, award ceremonies, televisions shows, billboards, commercials and more!

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