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13 July 2009

Browse U.S. Craigslist sites with ease.


CraigsHarvest...icon You love CraigsList. But sometimes you wish is was just a little easier to use....

Introducing CraigsHarvest, your CraigsList companion.

Key Features:

  • Unique to CraigsHarvest: Search MULTIPLE LOCATIONS in one search. (Maybe you live in San Francisco, but you're willing to head to Sacramento or San Jose for just the right item. Search all 3 locations at once.)
  • Unique to CraigsHarvest: Search MULTIPLE SUB-CATEGORIES.
    (Did the person listing your dream job post it in sales? systems? web? Doesn't matter -- pick as many as might apply, and search them all. At once.)
  • Set default search options.
    (Do you find yourself looking for the same things a lot? Or re-searching the same multiple locations? Set your defaults, and skip right to putting in your search term --not your search parameters.)
  • Save search parameters to use again.
    (Job hunting? Save the keywords you're looking for, the locations and the subcategories, and check the latest posts with a single click.)
  • Bookmark favorite items
    ("Ooh, that one looks nice. Wait....did I already look at that one?" Forget it -- see one you like, bookmark it, and it'll be a nice orange color easy to pick out of the list of results.)

CraigsHarvest currently covers craigslist sites in the US.

Coming soon: More countries. More languages. Save comments on watched items. ...and more

What's new in CraigsHarvest

Version 1.2 adds personals and adult services categories as well as an expanded results table.

Version 1.1 includes: Support for more countries

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
Improves stability of network handling and addresses a number of other minor issues.

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