BMW Z4 — An Expression of Joy — Lite
BMW Z4 — An Expression of Joy — Lite


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BMW Z4 — An Expression of Joy — Lite free download for Mac

BMW Z4 — An Expression of Joy — Lite1.0.1

23 March 2009

Explore and play with the BMW Z4.


BMW Z4—An Expression of Joy — Lite... The latest masterpiece from BMW, the all-new BMW Z4 Roadster, fuses the heritage, tradition, passion and brilliance of BMW into this iconic automobile. Following the BMW Z4's "An Expression of Joy" campaign, Artificial Life brings the BMW Z4 Roadster to the iPhone where players will be able to explore, customize, create and virtually drive this amazing vehicle in this highly entertaining game. Players will be able to view every aspect of t he BMW Z4 in a highly detailed 3D model where they can configure it to their preferences. Players may "draw" using the wheels of their car by choosing different colors of paint so that their tire tracks create drawings as if creating brushstrokes on a canvas. Players will feel as if they are a ctually behind the wheel of a BMW, cruising and creating art in an expression of pure driving "joy".

Game Features

  • 360 view of the new BMW Z4 Roadster
  • Modeled to exact BMW specifications using full 3D Computer-Aided Design data
  • Authentic symphony of dynamic BMW Z4 sound effects
  • Enti rely new game play combining drawing and driving into one amazing experience
  • Multiple camera views that allow for an unparalleled virtual BMW Z4 experience
  • Sharing of the "An Expression of Joy" creations

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