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Golf Score and Handicap Tracker1.0

12 March 2009

Track golf score and handicap.


Golf Score and Handicap Tracker...This complete golf tool not only acts as a normal scoring device, but also a complete round analysis tool. In addition, it uses the USGA handicap calculations, so you can keep track of your handicap at any time. You can enter in your own golfers and courses. Course setup can be done in just a minute or two!! Courses can have multiple tee boxes allowing for scoring of multiple golfers that play on different tees. Each tee box can have its own ratings, so all handicap calculations are accurate for that golfer! Each round can have up to five golfers in it, and you may start your round on any hole, and quit on any hole. During the round entry, the application will give each golfer the yards, par, etc for their selected tee box. At any time during a round, you can visit the scorecard to compare yourself with the other golfers.

Once the round has been entered in is when the real power of the application comes into play. You can always view past rounds whenever you want, or go into a more complete golfer/course analysis. The golfer statistics can show you your best, worst and average rounds. You can go into a complete handicap analysis showing your index, and you can calculate course handicaps. You can also view statistics for a certain course, and even a hole by hole analysis of that course. Similar analysis is available for the courses as well.

Any golfer will enjoy getting rid of the paper and pencil scorecard, and in addition, you can start tracking your golf game like a professional.

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