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11 March 2009

3D action horror first person real time strategy adventure.


uDeadGame When there's no more room in hell, the dead will go to the arcade!

uDeadGame is a 3D action horror first person real time strategy adventure.

You play as the uncanny intelligence for hordes of hungry living dead. Your goal in the game is to devour all the living on each of the 32 levels.

Battle a cast of characters including thugs, prostitutes, office workers, police, military, strangely suited guys, and mad scientists.

Revisit good times with surprise guests from previous iGame3D uDevGames entries.

Modulate play between aggresive romps of flesh rending horror and strategic stalking to minimise casualities from the unbeatable human karate style, the never ending rain of bullets and those spectacularly lethal grenades.

Slip into zombie time slow motion to better target your dinner and enjoy your crushing assaults with a cinematic style.

This is a game every zombie in your family will love.

What are you waiting for zombies? Get out there and shred some flesh!

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