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American Heritage Deluxe2.0

05 March 2009

Comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus.


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition & Roget's II: The New Thesaurus includes all the functionality of these two titles in one application.

This iPhone/iPod touch version has the entire 2,074 page, 7.5 pound dictionary with its nearly 300,000 terms—plus 64 thousand recorded sound files by native speakers—all available instantly at your fingertips.

More than 33,000 written examples, totaling 4,222,000 words, makes this largest mobile dictionary on ANY platform. The indexes alone are larger than most brand-name dictionaries. Even without the sound files, AHD4 would still be over 100MB and the largest dictionary in the AppStore.

Main Features:

  • entire text of this best selling book
  • complete front matter and appendicies
  • three-way cross-referencing search
  • real-time progressive look-up
  • wildcard searches for unknown spellings or crosswords
  • internal hyperlinking
  • pop-up pronunciation chart & automatic IPA conversion
  • unique two-way external application interaction
  • bookmarks with editable notations
  • automatic history
  • professionally recorded sound files
  • zoomable graphics
  • complete offline use - no Internet connect is required

NOTE: For existing users of AHD4 application, you do not need to purchase this application. Just purchase the Roget's II: The New Thesaurus application for the same functionality.

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