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28 November 2010

Backup files to a remote location, or locally.


CrushSync is software that lets you backup files to a remote location, or locally on your existing network or hard drives. It does this intelligently by synchronizing files based on when they were last modified. You can setup automatic schedules so it will run unattended and take care of keeping your files up to date. CrushSync supports two way synchronizations allowing you make changes in either location and it will synchronize the files back and forth. It can handle synchronizations to a local files and folder as well as items on FTP servers, WebDAV servers, or SFTP servers!

What's new in CrushSync

Version 1.7:
  • added default prefs and log rolling
  • added ability to right click to copy and paste between source to destination
  • group syncs now bundle all results into a single email
  • double clicking the header of the source/destination panel will swap them back and forth
  • scheduled syncs can now be set to play catchup or not if the sync was missed while the machine was off
  • added more control over the logging detail
  • more robust retry capabilities to ensure a sync does complete
  • no longer sends an email if nothing was actually synched
  • ignores date differences if its the hours only that is different and not the minute or seconds
  • handles a zipped file listing from CrushFTP for faster file listing transfers
  • added size to the preview list to help on deciding if things are correct

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