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08 February 2007

Place a stock ticker on your desktop.


PowerTicker allows you to easily monitor the stock markets around the world. Whether it's the NASDAQ or the Bourse, PowerTicker can track an unlimited number of stocks that you need watching. You can view the data on a scrolling ticker, individual stock reports, summarized reports, or personal portfolios. The built-in portfolio manager uses the latest available stock quotes to calculate the current value of your investments; even your international holdings are automatically converted at the current exchange rate and tallied in your currency of choice. PowerTicker will also monitor mutual funds, international indexes, over 60 major currencies, and major metal commodities.

Some of the features of PowerTicker:

  • customized stock reports;
  • portfolios with support for multiple-currencies;
  • multiple alerts on price changes;
  • QuickQuote to lookup prices of any stock on any exchange;
  • Currency Converter for quick rates;
  • support for international exchanges;
  • support for international currencies;
  • support for Scandinavian quote services (NGM & AktieTorget);
  • configurable scrolling tickers;

What's new in PowerTicker

Version 2.7:
  • Added an explicit 'Check for Updates' menu item;
  • Added a new 'Update Visible Windows' command;
  • The following currencies have been added:
    • Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Ukraine;
    • Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon;
    • South America: Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay;
    • Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia;
    • Metals: Aluminum, Copper;
  • EU Currencies that use the Euro have been removed (eg, no more 'French Franc'... you must specify the 'Euro' as the currency);
  • The Portfolio window and layout has been resized since new monitors have much more space;
  • Changed some command keys:
    • Apple-F will now bring up the Stock Search window;
    • Apple-L will be the default for 'Update Visible Windows';
    • Apple-R will brings forward the Currency Converter if in the background;
    • Apple-T will brings forward the QuickQuoter if in the background;
  • Added a background on QuickQuote, Currency Converter, and Summary for better visibility of quotes;
  • If Currency Converter and QuickQuote are displayed on startup, they will also be updated (if set);
  • The NordicGrowth Quoter has been fixed and updated;
  • The Yahoo US quoter will now update other non-North American exchanges;
  • The time limit for the demo has been increased to 20 non-consecutive days;

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