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02 February 2009

Track your NCAA March Madness Men's Basketball Tournament picks.


iBracket provides the ability to track your NCAA March Madness Men's Basketball Tournament picks using real time scores to keep you informed during the month long tournament.

Import your bracket from the most popular sports sites on the Web like Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sports* or make your picks directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch and then share them with other iBracket users.

The bracket will be filled out shortly after Selection Sunday on March 15, 2009**. Until then, iBracket will be available for free to the first 1000 downloaders and 99 cents thereafter.

Don't miss your chance to get this app for free before the tournament starts!


  • Track multiple brackets and easily toggle between them
  • Easily share your brackets with other iBracket users
  • Hold phone vertically for scoreboard display and horizontally for bracket display
  • Scenario generator allows you to simulate different outcomes for future games and view the effect across all of your brackets
  • Analyze your bracket success by looking at your points scored broken down by region and round
  • Multiple scoring systems supported for various point configurations (ie. 1-2-4-8-16-32, 1-2-3-4-5-6, and more)

* - Actual supported sites may vary depending on the availability of the sites. Supported import sites will become active in the application automatically shortly after the sites open registration for their bracket services for the current year.  See our support website for more information on the currently active sites and when others should be available.

** - 2009 data will be updated to your application automatically when you open it beyond this date.

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