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28 January 2009

Alarm clock program with radio stations.


myClockRadio...icon With myClockRadio, you'll have got a real clock radio on your bedside table. Beautiful ergonomics, simply to program, fun to use, no more crackling, you'll program the wake-up call, and choose among 12 international English spoken radios already pre-selected. If you prefer, you can also key in your own URL MP3 radio. All you need then is to plug in your iPhone and wait for it to ring.

Do not worry, the time and the radio station will be save for the next use.

Light bothers you; you can adjust the brightness by simply double tap on the screen or move the slide bar.

You like myClockRadio, but you don't want it to ring all the days, you can switch off the alarm. (Your previous programming will be save). If you have a difficult awakening, the function snooze is for you. Sleep 5 more minutes before the radio switch on by simply press the button. And the last function, you can use myClockRadio for listen your favorite radio everyware.

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