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VideoVangelist... In the spirit of VisualHub, the new standard for video conversion on the Mac is "VideoVangelist". Only VideoVangelist gives you the flexibility to convert video to video, video to audio and audio to audio.
What's New
Version 2.1.6:
  • Snow Leopard fixes
  • Fixes some issues with ripping DVD's which caused no file to be output or a double .avi file
  • Adds options to rip different languages from DVD's with subtitles which are embedded in the final video file.
  • Minor fixes for issues relating to source material format or codecs not being recognized or causing an error.
  • Added links to the Help menu to install Perian and Flip4Mac
  • Fixes an issue with DVD's where if you wanted to rip a specific chapter the entire track was ripped instead.
  • Fixes an issue where DVD ripping would output a Mac-like fie name to the root of the drive rather than to the desired folder.
  • Adds track and chapter numbers at the end of a ripped DVD file to reduce the occurrence of duplicates overwriting each other.
  • Fixes issues with ripping audio from DVD's and other video files.
Version 2.1.6:
  • Snow Leopard fixes
  • Fixes some issues with ripping DVD's which caused no file to be output or a double .avi file
  • Adds options to rip different languages from DVD's with subtitles which are embedded in the final video file.
  • Minor fixes for issues relating to source material format or codecs not being recognized or causing an error.
  • Added links to the Help menu to more...
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

*Previously available here

MacUpdate - VideoVangelist

  • iFFmpeg
VideoVangelist User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Palmharbor reviewed on 24 Sep 2009
Simply it does not work. Tried converting WMP files to DV
and after 20 minutes of processing it produced nothing.
I tried three times but got zip.
Worth what you pay for it.
[Version 2.1.6]


MacUpdate-Lon tipped on 17 Sep 2009
From the developer's site today:

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, Whimsicaly Plucky Software has to close it's doors. I'd ike to take this opportunity to thank al of the users of BackityMac, RadiioRocker, DochChanger and VideoVangeist for their patronage. There is a possibility we may open the doors again one day. Until then I've updated all the products to remove all registration requirements and they are all now FREE. Any versions previous to these listed will no longer activate. You may stil email me if you wish, however, no further support for the products will be offered.

DJ MacIntosh"
[Version 2.1.6]


NathanCollings commented on 14 Sep 2009
I am already a registered ivideo converter user but I was curious and wanted to try this converter too.

Without going into details it lacks in many aspects. It just does not cut it in today standards.
It has a crap interface, to few options, had some apple scripts error and so on.
The asking price is fortunality kept low but it is still not worth registering.

2 stars.
[Version 2.1.5]



AppleJack78 reviewed on 29 Aug 2009
A two star rating isn't much so I do not expect much either.
Downloaded it anyway because I like the screenshot interface.

Things I noticed:

- The screenshot is not how the program is looking. In fact it is plain different and not very good.
- Dragging has a strange behavior. After you dragged a file it sweeps back to the folder.
- PSP converted files do not play on my PSP3000.
- Even on good to best quality mode it still produce mediocre movie quality. Why can I not choose a bitrate my self?
- Only 16/9 and 4/3 aspect ratios.
- 2 pass encoding doesnt work correct. In fact it gives the same result as 1 pass.
- Stitching 2 files didnt work either. Got a applescript error.

Possible there are other issues to be solved also.
At version 2.x this is not convincing for me.
[Version 2.1.4]

Whimsically Plucky Software (developer) commented on 28 Aug 2009
This software is not based on the Techspansion source code. It is of my own development. It has been worked on and worked on for months and always works flawlessly on al the machines I test on. I wouldn't release it if it didn't work. Therefore, I wish I could give you a better reason as to why some users are experiencing problems with it, I haven't experienced them and neither have a grand multitude of people who use the product and are very happy and satisfied with it. However, there seems to be a ground swelling of people who seem destined to destroy the app at all costs for what reason I do not know. Rest assured the app and it's descendants will be around for a very long time to come.
[Version 2.1.4]

2 Replies


AppleJack78 replied on 29 Aug 2009
That is just plain ignorance and saying all users having problems with videovangelist are stupid and have a flawed setup.

Ok, if one or two people having problems with your tool it could be the setup.
Apparently plenty of people have issues with videovangelist. So do I. I too got applescript errors ones in a while. Is my setup flawed? No it is not. I do not have any issues with other tools.

Maybe your setup has something installed most users doesnt have?

I did try three different converters for converting to my psp and yours came out the worst.

robotank replied on 14 Sep 2009
I find that comment extremely hard to swallow. I really don't think that the people claiming to have problems with VV (including me) are doing it for our own amusement or out of some wanton desire to ruin your product's reputation. If I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're not lying through your teeth, then I'm left to wonder how your results (and allegedly the results of the "vast majority" of VV users) can be so different from what many of us posting here on MU are getting. Is it a testing issue? Your website states that you don't have an Intel Mac yet; are you getting someone with an Intel Mac to test VV for you before you release builds? Also, you consistently post fixes for very serious issues that that call into question your claim that VV works flawlessly for you. I'm also curious as to why more of your supposedly satisfied users aren't posting positive reviews of VV. In any case, I ask you to consider this: you clearly have a substantial number of unsatisfied customers who are having serious problems with your software (again, we are NOT making these issues up). All we've gotten from you in response to comments about problems is flat out denial that the problems exist, and very questionable claims about VV's quality. Moreover, having paid for VV 1 and never having had it work properly, your releasing version 2 as a paid upgrade after only several months struck me as a deliberate and dishonest money-grab tactic. It's true that I don't want you to have a good reputation on MU, and that's because you don't deserve one. MacUpdate gives customers a voice, and so as a very dissatisfied customer I want to 1) prevent other people from getting ripped off, and 2) prevent developers who don't deserve anyone's money (that's you at this point) to continue to get paid for their sub-par products and weak customer support. Why don't you try responding to your customers and really addressing their issues instead of resorting to denials and half-baked retorts?

Teslanaut commented on 28 Aug 2009
The people who are working from the source code put up by Techspansion are doing way better than you are. And they release it for FREE! Look for it people. FilmRedux and TranscoderRedux. Oh, and let's not forget Handbrake.
[Version 2.1.4]

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mrelcee replied on 13 Sep 2009
In the spirit of Visualhub, let me just point out you forgot to mention Visualhub. That still works great. :)


Russ-Mw-Messana reviewed on 26 Aug 2009
In two words, 'stay away'. Almost nothings works. I do a conversion, and 30 min later it says it is done but can't be found anyplace on the disk. Even doing a conversion and telling it to store it on the desktop and nothing shows up. Go to the web site and go to the forums, and get an error message the forum does not exists. OK, email the developer of all the problems, and no response. None. At the best, this program is a beta 0.1 at best. I am going to ask MacUpdate for a refund. This is a rip.
[Version 2.1.2]



Barry Coony reviewed on 17 Aug 2009
Bad reviews already but I still wanted to download this and give it a swing.
A big download that is! +100MB
But that's ok if it is a good app.

First, I don't know what the developer was thinking about when creating the bottom half of the interface. A mess! Apple wouldn't be proud of this.
Dragging some small (about 5mb) video files into the window worked but the file was bounced back to the window? Strange effect.
The big QT logo in front of each folder/file name is unnecessary.
Choosing the MP4 format and press the (ugly - not OS X like) start button.
It says 'Preparing conversion..'. Some minutes - - - more minutes - - - go to the toilet - - - I am back - - - still doing some 'preparing' - - - got a coca cola - - - and hey presto I got a Applescript error:
cat: /private/var/folders/9F/9FbX280pGROa3uVhuhwsOE+++TI/TemporaryItems/videotmp3.txt: No such file or directory (1)

Deleted the file and tried the next video file with MPEG settings. It starts again with 'Preparing conversion ..'. After some seconds the progressbar vanished and it still saying it 'Preparing conversion..'.
Some minutes later it finally starts converting. But boy - - - this is S L O O O W. I mean, this file is 5mb in size and it already took so long to do actually preparing and a bit of converting.
After some more minutes it finished converting.
Playing the converted file on VLC worked but the quality wasn't very high and it was a bit disappointing seeing it took so long to convert. I was expecting a very high quality.
Tried a simple RSS feed but it gave me another error. Didn't go into this because I had seen enough.
Browsed some more features (what the hell is the 'Run as root (sudo)' option?) and I knew enough.

This converter is Bad with a capital B.
Even the worst free converter gives better quality and above all faster operating.

My opinion:
- It is still buggy
- Very slow converting even on my iMac 2.96 Duo Core
- Average quality
- Not user friendly interface

Not recommended !
[Version 2.1.2]



Lampoon reviewed on 03 Aug 2009
Tried it on my MacBook Pro 15 OSX 10.5.7
Installed all libraries (is there a uninstall??). I can confirm they most are outdated.
Converting about 10 MP4 files. 2 work and all the rest failed for various reasons. Some had bad quality, some had wrong aspect ratio and for one it just freezed the app.
Also tried to stitch two files together and it just stops reacting after a while doing nothing. Had to use Force Quit.
2 pass coding also has issues. The first time I used it it seems to work. Second time it just responded on top 'Conversion Complete' but nothing happened.
Also, numerous times the main window just vanished. The menu was there but I could not show the main window. Tried everything but nothing helped except quitting and restarting.

No offense to the developer but this just does not work very well. And I agree with the other users saying this is not usable and certainly not a app to recommend at this stage.

For the sake of it I also checked this if it works on my iMac 24" with the latest build of OS X 10.6 10A421.
And there are indeed problems. Seems it has some issues.

The advertising said: 'In the spirit of VisualHub' ... to be honest? No it is not!
Someone else mentioned Handbrake and imo this is the best free converter out there. FFMPEGX and iVideo Converter comes to a mutual second place but they are not free.
[Version 2.1]


+23 commented on 02 Aug 2009
the app is 50 MB, the rest are (likely outdated?)stuff which you have to install seperatly. I wouldn't do that! I extracted the stuff with "unpkg" and here is what's inside the 3 packages:

Package "LibraryInstaller" (65 MB): a folder "lib" with 172 MB content. I was surprised. It contains a complete Perl-Installation (5.8.9, 31 MB) and many aliases and many many files. NOT trustworthy.

There are two other packages which installs "reallib" and "rp9codecs-macosx-20041107". Looks antique. 2004? That was 5 years ago.

Conclusion: this depends on too much stuff. Beware! No wonder it does not work. I wouldn't install anything.
[Version 2.1]


pnn314 had trouble on 28 Jun 2009
New VideoVangelist 2.0 does not work for me (computer with Russian localization).
After launching the App it writes:

AppleScript Error
Invalid day and time 30èþíÿ 2009 ã.. (-30720).

[Version 2.0]

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Date:17 Sep 2009
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VideoVangelist... In the spirit of VisualHub, the new standard for video conversion on the Mac is "VideoVangelist". Only VideoVangelist gives you the flexibility to convert video to video, video to audio and audio to audio.

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