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FUZE Lite1.0

20 January 2009

Start and host conference calls; manage your IM contacts.


FUZE Lite... With FUZE on the iPhone, you can start and host conference calls instantly and securely, chat with coworkers, family and friends and manage your IM contacts.

Here's what you'll get with FUZE on the iPhone:

  • Conference Call Control. Have you ever been on a conference call and wished you could mute a noisy connection or someone having a side conversation? With FUZE for iPhone, it's as easy as selecting the attendee and tapping Mute.
  • Visual Interface. You wouldn't let someone walk into the company conference room without knowing who they were, so why let anyone into your conference call? Easily detect and remove unwanted attendees.
  • Fetch Yourself.* Have your meeting call you!
  • Integrated IM and Presence. FUZE combines mobile IM (chat) and conference call control in a single seamless application. FUZE connects you with leading public IM networks including AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Cisco Jabber.
* Fetch is currently available for phone numbers in US, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. International dial and fetch coming soon.

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