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22 July 2009

Comprehensive equation tool.


Formulaic is for anyone who uses equations - i.e. YOU - whether at work, study or play. Select an equation from the library, or easily create your own by typing in what you would write. Equations can be as simple as a conversion of units (e.g. from miles to kilometers), or involve multiple variables, nested subexpressions, etc.

Formulaic will not only evaluate your equation with the values you assign to variables, but it also includes a numerical solver that works backwards: You specify the result value of the equation; Formulaic determines the input value of any one variable used in the equation (but see limitations, below).

Consider the "Profit" equation in the "Business" section of the equation library, as shown in the application screenshots. In addition to computing profit based on the quantity, selling and cost prices you provide, Formulaic will also answer these questions: "How many units do I have to sell for a profit of 100?", or "What price do I have sell my widgets at, to make 5000 profit from 2752 units?". The same forward and backward computations can be applied in corporate finance (e.g. balance sheet ratios), engineering, product management, physics, or any other discipline; even daily life (e.g. "If I give a tip of 25, what percentage of the bill does that represent?"). We believe Formulaic is like a calculator on steroids :)

Key features of Formulaic include:

  • Numerically evaluate equations - from very simple to rather complex - based on input values you provide
  • Numerically solve equations for any one input variable, such that the desired result value is achieved
  • Get started quickly with a library of nearly 100 equations, including unit conversions, as well as business, mathematical and scientific equations
  • Create you own equations in simple algebraic notation, with virtually no limit on number of variables or complexity of the equation
  • Use any of the built-in functions in your own equations, such as sin(), acos(), ln(), min(), sqrt(), and many more, as well as constants, such as PI

What's new in Formulaic

Version 2.0.1: Fixes problem editing equations.

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