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RunKeeper Pro2.3.6.0

31 December 2010

Log distance, speed and duration of runs (free for limited time).


RunKeeper Pro is an iPhone app that uses the built-in GPS to enable runners, cyclists, walkers, hikers and others to track their daily performance data include:
  • Run duration
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Speed

You can store all of your historical activities on your personal Web dashboard at You can see a map of your activities on the Web or directly on the iPhone. Now, you can share your activities with your friends! No need to buy a separate GPS device or technology when you can track your, run, ride, hike, walk, etc. using your 3G iPhone! RunKeeper can be used for running, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, and many other outdoor fitness activities. Whether on road or trail, get out your running shoes or get on your bike and take RunKeeper for a spin. Now you can be a fitness guru too!

What's new in RunKeeper Pro

  • Fix for the random "pause point" crash bugs.
  • Fixed the time zone problem when entering times for a manual activity.
  • Fixed audio cues lowering the volume on 3rd party music apps.
  • Fixed crash when errors occur during FitnessClass synchronization.
  • Fixed crash when associating a FitnessClass session to a manual activity.
  • Database backups upon upgrade to a new version.
  • Popup to inform user of new account creation when a new account is created.
  • Popup to inform user when location services are disabled for RunKeeper.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
Two-way sync will be coming in the next app release.

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