1.9.9b2 14 Oct 2012

Generate geocaching statistics.


Developer website: Macdefender

GCStatistic is an application to generate statistics in the form of html output for uploading either to geocaching.com or as a standalone html file on your webspace.

What do I need for GCStatistic? In order to use this application you need a membership at geocaching.com and a gpx file with your finds generated there.

GCStatistic is an easy to use geocaching statistic tool. You can choose between the generation af a standalone html file or an automated upload to your geocaching.com profile. Simply select the gpx file with your finds from geocaching.com and select the statistic section you would like to see in the output. Just some available findstatistics are:

  • Finds by year/month and weekday
  • Finds by distance and countrys
  • Finds by cache size, type, owner or difficulty
GCStatistic is donationware so you can use it for free without limitations as long as you like. But it would be nice if you donate a little bit if you like this application (Even $1 would be really nice and please not more than $10 as this is just a small tool).

What's New

Version 1.9.9b2:


  • A new section to display all the findings as a collection with the national flags. Interesting for the user may cache frequently in different countries.
  • Now to a high number of users and related to high server load on my hoster makes it necessary that the scripts for the country maps and 3D bars must be removed. This can be understood now as the graphics package to download and put on your own web space. The base path to this folder on the network must be reported via the settings. User without their own web space (or without PHP) can use these functions no longer :-(
  • In the milestones on the type, the last milestone no longer be mentioned twice. Version 1.9.9 Beta 1 (Published on 16/09/2012)
  • Support for the new translations at PQ download. By changes in the wordings some fields were not properly recognized.
  • The annual statistics should now be correctly displayed when searching for more than 10 years.
  • Application was created with the latest development tools, which in turn has some errors corrected. This works now hopefully the HTML representation better in some systems.


Mac OS X 10.6 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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14 Oct 2012
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