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05 January 2009

Menubar item for developers to track their software downloads.


DLCounter (aka Download Counter) is a simple menubar item designed for developers who want to know how many combined downloads they have for an application from various different download sites.

The individual count of each site is shown in the prefs panel.

Supported Sites are all non login.

Supported sites are currently MacUpdate, GoogleCode*, Softpedia.

* The Google Code page will take the count of the first file on the page.


Usage is simple.

  • Start DLCounter and choose Prefs from the menu.
  • Enter the URLs to your Applications download sites
  • Watch the count increase!.

Note 1: Currently DLCounter is manual update only (count is updated after application start), as my other projects are listed on only 3 sites more will be added and requests accepted.

Note 2: if a file is listed on say MacUpdate but is externally linked to another site like google code and both URLS are added to DLCounter each singular download will incur an extra count as both sites are updated separately.

Planned Features include automatic updates and monitoring for multiple applications.

Comments and requests appreciated circledev@gmail.com

What's new in DLCounter

Version 1.1:

My apologies to all those that tried V1.0 and found that there was no way to add sites.

  • Fixed adding and removing of sites
  • Made unsupported URLs appear in red in the list.
  • Added copy, paste, etc to the textfields of the Sites list
  • lots of minor fixes

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