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22 December 2008

Tracking environment for optical multitouch tables (FTIR, DI, Lasers).


Touché is a free, open-source tracking environment for optical multitouch tables (FTIR, DI, Lasers). It has been written for Mac OS X Leopard and uses many of its core technologies, such as QuickTime, Core Animation, Core Image and the Accelerate framework, but also high-quality open-source libraries such as libdc1394 and OpenCV, in order to achieve good tracking performance.

The Touché environment consists of two parts: A standalone tracking application written in Cocoa, that comes with lots of configuration options as well as calibration and test tools, and a Cocoa framework that can be embedded into custom applications in order to receive tracking data from the tracking application. This way, you can easily experiment with MacOS X technologies such as Core Animation or Quartz Composer on your multitouch table.

Key features include a powerful filter pipeline, an easy-to-use embeddable framework to communicate with the tracker, and output of tracking data via the TUIO protocol.

What's new in Touché

Version 1.0b3:
  • Native support for TUIO/Flash XML-Socket tracking data.
  • Frames can be thresholded based on distance from a reference color.
  • A setting for the maximum motion displacement between two frames for which a blob should still be matched in two consecutive frames.
  • Nicer tracking indicators in the blob tracking preview views.
  • Plenty of minor bugfixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated help book.
  • Framework: Clients can specify a minimum pixel motion threshold for updated touches.
  • Framework: Clients can specify the thread they want the delegate to be called on.

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