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17 December 2008

Synchronize across 24+ multi-vendor databases with custom mapping.


Soasync is a global data synchonization software based on Service Oriented Architecture. Once running on a Java Application Server, SOASYNC is ready to serve the authorized users to perform data synchronization globally across over 24 presently supported databases over the Internet. Create a mapper to map source and target column by column, datatype by datatype or map cross datatypes or one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many maps and hit Sync. Or have the sync scheduled whenever you like. SOASYNC can even map the entire source database to the target database with a click of a button even if the source and the target databases are not identical. Auto generated maps may be customized and edited at any time. Syncing in batch is also supported.

SOASYNC is a complete solution to data synchronization. In addition to JDBC type API, SOALIB have strong support for Text file, Binary file, XBase, and Memory databases. SOASYNC synchronization uses the database specific features to get the most from the synchronization. Using the powerful API of SOALIB, SOASYNC goes deep inside the database and does what it is good at: Synchronize source with target both uni or bi-directionally.

SOASYNC uses advanced Web services security and works with SSL, 128 bit strong encryption, secure user authentication, encrypted data storage, fault tolerance in synchronization, 512 bit service instance handles, automatic no-activity service timeout and user locking and full support for WS-Security.

SOASYNC client has friendly graphical layout, drag and drop, multiple viewers, context sensitive help, built-in browser, and multi-os ready. SOASYNC client is designed to become productive from day one.

SOASYNC may be used to transfer files from PC to server, and vice versa acting SOASYNC as a backup software. Save your secure data in the safe environment of SOASYNC server. The File service engine also have remote file comparator, which can be used to find identical files. When it comes to generating reports, SOASYNC have powerful report generation API which can be used to generate HTML and PDF reports. All reports are generated on the server. SOASYNC also have a Query Editor to view or change data from the client.

SOASYNC may be used remotely using SOALIB's client API available in Java, Java Micro Edition, C# and C++. These API may be used in your own applications, for example to, synchonize your mobile data that take advantage of SOASYNC features. Backup your mobile data in SOASYNC server and much more.

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