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12 July 2019

Hide, encrypt, and password-protect your data.


Hider is an app that lets you hide, encrypt, and password-protect private data on your Mac. Just launch Hider, enter your password, and select a file to add to the Hider vault. Once added, you can toggle between hidden and visible with just a click of a switch no one can see or find your files with Finder or Spotlight when hidden in Hider. And upon hiding your file, Hider automatically AES-256 encrypts it, too. It makes your data incredibly secure!

Users can also hide and encrypt their data onto an external drive if they wish. This external drive support allows for a complete disconnection of data, giving the user an added extra layer of security. With Hider, you needn't worry about someone uncovering private data on your Mac. It makes it so that your private data stays private, and yet accessible to you and you alone.

  • Finder tags compatibility
  • the ability to hide entire folders
  • the ability for users to create custom groups
  • and in-app note-taking called Secure Notes.
  • accessibility features:
    • global shortcut keys
    • a menu bar icon
    • a quick-look preview mode
    • and Finder integration

What's new in Hider

Version 2.5:
  • Improved UI to support new Dark Mode.
  • Stability improvements.

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28 January 2009

Most helpful

The application is easy to use and the GUI is appealing. It also work at advertised. But unfortunately the developer didn't say, that his application did not hide the files and folders very securely. All what it does is to create a folder named .SYS_INDEX which is hidden, as it begins with a '.'. But it is readily visible via corr. Finder settings or with Terminal.app via a 'ls -a' command. Then it reverse the name of the file or folder to hide. A 'Archive.txt' will be renamed to 'evihcrA.txt' and put into said folder .'SYS_INDEX'. That's it! This is not very secure and there are a lot of applications that give you the same level of "security" as this app! So after all, this app is not for me, but your mileage may vary ...
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Version 1.1
14 July 2019
Hider is discountinuied on 10.7.2019 why launching a new version on 12.7.?!?!?
Version 2.5
08 August 2017
The price will hinder me on purchasing it
Version 2.4.0
05 February 2016
We’ve arrived at a world in which the data we generate is as much a part of who we are as the things we do or the relationships we keep. Keenly aware of this fact, the developers of Hider have given us an easy-to-use, secure vault that integrates beautifully with OS X in both design and function, in order to deliver a way to keep personal, sensitive, or classified files or notes under lock and key. It’s as streamlined as can possibly be, leaving the user with minimal setup needed before using the app to its fullest extent. Files that a user would like to hide from view in Finder are dragged and dropped onto Hider, and Hide/Unhide toggle switches are immediately produced. As soon as the switch is set to Hide, the files disappear from where they just were, now housed within your encrypted vault. Toggle the switch to Unhide and they reappear in their original location. Create organized groups of files or notes to more easily navigate your hidden information. The menu item that comes with Hider is no afterthought; it does what any good menu item should do, which is reproduce the functionality of the full application in a shrunken package. View and launch recently hidden files without needing to open the full application. Don’t just protect your files with Hider – protect your self.
Version 2.2.4
24 December 2015
I should have done more investigation before trying this app. The vault got corrupt for no apparent reason and all data is gone! Be careful!
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Version 2.2.4
15 June 2015
Absolutely love this software. I've been looking for an app that could encrypt folders without necessarily removing them from the organization structure I had set up. This app is a reasonable compromise of moving the folder into an encrypted vault and then moving it back when I need it - dynamite idea. I've been using this app for over a year and have never lost data, though I made a backup of everything before moving it into the encrypted vault and kept the backup for several months just to be sure. I bring this point up only because that seems to be other reviewer's main complaint. My understanding is there was a bug in the first few iterations of the software that has since been resolved. My disappointment with this app was frankly the lack of information I needed to make a reasonable purchase. Things people want to encrypt are going to be either private, important, or both. For example, my intentions in using this app was to encrypt my medical data, bank data, taxes, stuff with my SSN...etc. That being said, people are going to have a lot of questions concerning the way their private information is being stored. The MacPaw website didn't have any details readily available such as: 1) Where IS this file vault on my file system? Can I change the location? 2) Is it a proprietary format? 3) Can I make a backup of it? 4) Even though this app is called Hider, please tell me it's not just "hiding" the files right!? It's actually encrypting them? 5) What if I erase the parent folder of a hidden child folder? Where will the orphan folder go? Eventually I got an answer from MacPaw, however I felt like a lot of this information should have been readily available... again... we're talking people's private and important data here. These questions may have been addressed at this point, however when the software was first introduced they were no where to be found. All in all, I really like this software and think it's a fantastic application. Recommend it for people who have folder that they want to keep organized, yet protected and "hidden".
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Version 2.2.2
20 February 2015
Great application of encryption!
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Version 2.2
01 August 2014
Paid for this CRAPWARE a few years ago, tested It only to find out It Hider was Unstable and Unreliable. Know they have the nerve to try and extort more money from me by selling their garbage on the Crapple store for $20.00 just so I may get the upgrade they should have given me two years ago. I've got a better Idea. I'm deleting Hider right now and will make sure to never purchase another product from Macpaw again!
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Version 2.1
31 July 2014
Why no "check for update" ? I find that a really important feature in any application and rely on the application itself to be able to self check. Also be carefully with remembering the password to unlock Hider or otherwise it's toast to the files you've hidden.
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Version 2.1
14 June 2014
I like Hider 2 but to become really usable to me he needs to add support for iCloud / Dropbox and start using the Algorithm Serpent 256 with Whirlpool hash
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Version 2.0.3
07 April 2014
WARNING -- DO NOT USE THIS DANGEROUS APP. HIder 2 would be a great app. except that after using it for a few days it "ate" a lot of my data, i. e. it refused to open one of my folders containing important files. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve this stuff from Time Machine, but it taught me a valuable lesson. I've read complaints by App Store purchasers who have had the same experience. Maybe a later version will be reliable and trustworthy, but this one isn't.
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Version 2.0


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.8.0 or later
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