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Clean and manipulate large amounts of data.   Demo ($15.00)
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Data Clean Pro is a powerful tool for working with, manipulating and cleaning large amounts of data.

Who is it for?
For anyone frustrated with Excel who needs to clean, fix, de-duplicate or generally manipulate structured or unstructured data.
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Version 3.2.1:
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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Greg Raven commented on 19 Apr 2009
I hate to say this, Steve, but I agree with Paladino. I can do many of these data-clean-up tasks with my copy of Excel (only $229), Filemaker (only $299), Panorama (only $299), or some combination of the three. When the data are really bad, I can always fall back on BBEdit to start getting the data in shape in the form of HTML tables (only $125), and then open the resulting file in Dreamweaver (only $399) to continue the with manual labor. Of course, after manually manipulating the data, I need to open the file with Excel in order to get it into Filemaker or Panorama. Even though this can take hours and hours of my irreplaceable time, and I have to remember GREP and various commands and syntaxes in Filemaker and Panorama, at least I'm not paying $80 -- $80!! -- for R10Clean Professional.
[Version 2.2.1]

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Arten Science (developer) replied on 23 Apr 2009
Hi Greg.

I'm not sure I if you are being tongue in cheek or not - you paid $229 for Excel, $299 for Filemaker, $299 for Panorama, $125 for BBedit and $399 for Dreamweaver and you wouldn't pay $80 for something to make this easier and waste less 'irreplaceable time' ?

Either way - you make a good sales pitch for R10Clean :-)

Arten Science (developer) commented on 24 Feb 2009
To PALADINO. What has the 'financial collapse' - your words - got to do with the pricing of niche business software ? If it's suits your purpose, $80 is fine, if it doesn't then why should you care ? Far from being ridiculous, I am running a business which needs to make money money - or your 'rampant unemployment' becomes worse. I don't go around publicly denouncing Sunseeker because the price of their $100,000,000 yachts are ridiculous. If I want a Sunseeker and I have $100,000,000 then I'll buy one. I don't and I haven't by the way :-) Software cannot all be free - there is a cost to production that has to be met. Is MS Office ridiculous because it costs several $100 when Open Office is free ? Live and Let Live - Peace
[Version 2.0]


Paladino commented on 23 Feb 2009
$80 too high . Don't be ridiculous. In these times of US and European financial and economic collapse, $80 for Data Clean Pro makes a lot of sense. I mean, who doesn't have money to burn? The developer is very astute in his decision to make Data Clean available at his price point right now. Rampant unemployment and millions of folks worrying about keeping a roof over their family's heads? Such trifling concerns!
[Version 2.0]

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alas! replied on 24 Feb 2009
Hey now, lets not single out DataClean Pro's developer for overpricing(or over optimistic pricing), many others do it too. If there are too few buyers, developers will get the message and lower their price of admission.
However, what would make the most sense, is for DataClean Pro's developer to at least temporarily offer a special price or petition MacUpdate to make it an MU Promo at a hefty discount.

thus.spake.z replied on 29 Apr 2009
Steve C,
I'd say that developing software for niche-business clientele in the current negative worldwide financial/business climate is a recipe for financial failure. You need to generate income, right? Then focus your software creating skills on a broader (popular) market where there's much more buying interest. Be realistic.
Making an analogy between your Data Clean Pro at $80 and $100,000,000 floating- palace super yachts affordable to billionaire Russian oligarchs and Gulf state oil sheikhs is absurd.
Anyway, I do wish you well.

Arten Science (developer) commented on 23 Feb 2009
To 'SHOTGUNWEDDINGS' - Thanks for your eloquent review and comparison to a totally different product, aimed at a totally different market for a totally different purpose.
[Version 2.0]


ShotgunWeddings commented on 03 Jan 2009
Considering the price tag for Data Clean is $45 compared to Tex-Edit Plus which is only $15 has features that are rock solid and does the same plus features more power, your haven't got a snow-balls chance in hell.

A little bit of market research is in order if you wish to compete with better software for a hell of a better price. LOL
[Version 1.0.3]


Arten Science (developer) commented on 11 Dec 2008
Any suggestions for increased features for this product please contact me, the software author. Many Thanks - steve@artenscience.co.uk
[Version 1.0]

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Steve Cholerton rated on 25 Jan 2011

[Version 2.4.0]

Version Downloads:753
Type:Utilities : File Management
Date:04 Oct 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $15.00
Overall (Version 3.x):
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Data Clean Pro is a powerful tool for working with, manipulating and cleaning large amounts of data.

Who is it for?
For anyone frustrated with Excel who needs to clean, fix, de-duplicate or generally manipulate structured or unstructured data.

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