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10 December 2008

Virtual electric shaver.


uShave... Have lot of fun with your friends using uShave, a virtual electric shaver for iPhone and iPod Touch! Move it like a real shaver: uShave replicates the look and feel of a modern electric shaver with great graphics, motion sensitive action, active display, glowing switches, accurate sound effects and plenty of features for unlimited fun!

  • Extremely accurate graphic design simulating the look and feel of a real electric shaver
  • Motion sensitive action using the accelerometer of the device!
  • Glowing Blue on/off switch
  • Glowing "Pulse Mode" switch: uShave vibrates and pulses! (only with devices supporting vibration)
  • Working Long Hair Trimmer: a single touch to push out the trimmer!
  • Original sound effects accurately sampled from real electric shavers. * Please notice that on 1st generation iPod Touch sound effects work using headphones or external speakers only.
  • Huge glowing display showing numeric and graphic timer! (50 seconds with Auto-Off function)
  • "Keep Active" mode to avoid the device to go in standby mode
  • Amazingly simple and fun to use!
* Please notice that uShave it's NOT a real electric shaver!

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