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18 June 2010

Tool to install FileMaker extensions.


FMExtensionsInstaller (FMEI) is a FileMaker database that install FileMaker extensions. We provide the full source code so you can integrate its functionality to your own solution. We also include step by step instructions on how to integrate FMEI info your solution in under 15 minutes.

It\'s easy to install extensions manually if you are a seasoned FileMaker developer. However it is especially difficult if you need to describe how to install an extension over the phone to someone with less experience. Quotes from Developers LabScores - \"The seamless integration of FMExtensionInstaller from the specialists at CampSoftware bypasses issues with the AutoUpdate function of FileMaker Server in some restrictive IT environments. This nifty piece of software ensures more reliable update installations of plugins when they become available in a LabScores upgrade.\" Deployment Methods We needed a method to make sure that the users of our products have the latest version of the extensions installed. FileMaker databases can be deployed three ways: as a single user, using peer to peer sharing, and using FileMaker Server. FMEI can help with all three method of deployment. Single user and peer to peer sharing offer no method to install extensions. FileMaker Server offers this ability, but it is generally not used my most server administrators. FM Extensions Installer works with all three deployments methods. Setup and Integration Set up is simple. You import the extension and provide information about the extension such as its name, platform, and such. That\'s it. Integrating FM Extensions Installer to your solution is not difficult for developers familiar with moving tables, custom functions, scripts, and layouts from one database to another. We are available to provide this service as well. How does it work for the end user? First we find the extensions for the platform being used that need to be updated. If there are extensions installed with the same names, we disable them. Then we copy the new extensions to the FileMaker Extensions folder. Finally, we ask the user to quit FileMaker and relaunch the database. Benefits We developed FM Extensions Installer to install extensions into the solutions that we develop. Here are a few benefits: Easy - Once FM Extensions Installer is implemented in your solution, you will be able to update your extensions in minutes. Consistent - No matter if you are deploying your database via single user, peer to peer, or FileMaker Server, FM Extensions Installer works the same way. Multi Platform - FM Extensions Installer works with Mac on PowerPC, Mac on Intel, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What's new in FMExtensionsInstaller

Version 090227:
  • This version fixes a problem where some version numbers would not be properly compared. Previously, 1.778 would be considered newer than 1.83. The change was made in the Extensions::Status calculation field. This is the only change in this version.

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