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Delay the launch of specified login items.   Free
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DelayedLauncher... Have login items that you want to open a little later? DelayedLauncher should cover all your delayed launching needs!

Add DelayedLauncher to your login items, and add the login items you want delayed to it.
What's New
Version 2.2.1:
  • NEW: New icon by @lorenzorlandi -- thanks!!
  • NEW: Reveal In Finder contextual menu item (bugfix in 2.2.1)
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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DelayedLauncher User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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larrymcj reviewed on 15 Mar 2013
There are several decent apps available that rearrange your menu bar icons, but I think DelayedLauncher does a better job at it because this is all it does. Instead of adding code to each menu bar app to rearrange the apps, it simply delays the apps' startup to coincide with your configuration. I've tried all the other apps that do this, and for me, this is the best since all I want to do is keep the four or five menu bar icons I use the most, positioned furthest left from the system icons.

While I gave DelayedLauncher 5 stars, I only gave it 3 stars for ease of use because, for the casual user, it is counterintuitive with regard to assigning the delay times for each app and how they should be listed in the UI. I'm a retired geek and it took me several tries before the light bulb went off on how to arrange the apps and what times to assign to them. Additionally, there is no help file so you're on your own, and also why I decided to write an informative review.

The first thing you need to know (but no one tells you) is the menu bar apps you add to DelayedLauncher MUST be in the exact order that you want them launched. E.g., the first listed app will launch first, then go on down the list. Based on this you need to assign the longest delay to the first app, then about 4 seconds (this worked for me) for each of the subsequent apps. The last app you list will be the furthest from the system icons in your menu bar, so in my case that was my most used app (MailTab Pro) and it's now the first app in my menu bar. Here's how my configuration looks and it works may have to experiment with the times depending upon your hardware and apps.

App 4 - listed first - 20 seconds
App 3 - listed second - 4 seconds
App 2 - listed third - 4 seconds
App 1 - listed fourth - 4 seconds

So, what happens is after 20 seconds all other apps have populated in my menu bar, then these four begin launching, starting with App 4, ending with App 1. The apps show up now in the priority I want (App 1 | App 2 | App 3 | App 4).

Another thing you need to know and you're not told is you must first remove the apps you're adding to DelayedLaunch from your user|Login Items in Preferences (if they're listed there). Also, if the apps have a configuration option for "Start at Login", disable this as well...and also if it has a "Hide on startup" disable this. The "Hide" box should be checked beside the app in DelayedLauncher if you don't want the app to open on your desktop when it starts.

IMHO, the developer of this app could add a good help file, some extra features and more documentation, and spiff up the UI and sell this for a few dollars. Apple would never allow in the MAS, but that's probably a good thing :-)
[Version 2.2.1]


lamontDakota commented on 05 May 2011
Why is it not possible to download this app, whether from here or whether from the author's site? WTF?
[Version 2.2.1]

2 Replies


Thyx replied on 15 May 2011
As of now, it works.
Welcome to the mysterious world of Internet, ‘person with interesting nickname’ ;-)

lamontDakota replied on 16 May 2011
I don't know what to tell you, but I'm *still* SOL, WRT being able to download DelayedRelease!


EndoLab reviewed on 05 Feb 2011
Very smart and useful app.Use it every days
[Version 2.2.1]



Rwebber reviewed on 02 Feb 2011
Sometimes system login items "loses" items. This has made my life easier and controls the login arrangement of the menubar apps.
[Version 2.2.1]



Gcoghill reviewed on 30 Jan 2011
Works great and very handy! Love the fact that I can reorder the applications.

Didn't realize the delay times were successive (the delay for each app is the amount of time it delays after the last app launched). Discovered that after using it the first time. Pause button is handy too.

Can't really think of anything missing here. Good stuff!
[Version 2.2]


Bill9583 reviewed on 26 Jan 2011
Great app and developer quick to respond to questions... always a good sign.
I always feel bad asking for more features from free apps, but I really wish I could have different configurations/sets of apps to choose from when I start my computer... at work I might choose one combination of start up apps, while at home or on the road I might choose others.
Keep up the good work!
[Version 2.2]


Roro01 reviewed on 25 Jan 2011
Works as described.
[Version 2.2]



Px9-855 reviewed on 09 Aug 2010
Great little tool for solving the annoyance of menubar icons getting juggled up on restart.

Thank you.
[Version 2.0]


Lvdoc commented on 28 Mar 2010
This seems nice, but I want more. Back in the days of Classic, there was a program that would delay the launch of any application for just a short time and give you the option of quitting before it launched. This was useful if you accidentally opened a program you didn't want. Does anyone know of any OS X equivalents of this program?
[Version 2.0]

2 Replies


Fishscale commented on 29 Mar 2010
Not something that can choose whether you want to launch it or not but you can use a simple applescript to control when items start, giving them custom delays down to 0.1 of a second. Here it is:

delay 0.1
tell application "MUMenu"
end tell

if something is launched that you want to delete you will have to delete it after it is open or if you want to keep it on the script and just block it out for a certain download startup just put "-- " space after the "--" and then compile... the item stays in the list and you can leave it there for a quick change if you want that item to start or you on next login. You can also, have multiple scripts, grab "tinkertool" so you can control your login items very easily... regular tinkertool, not the shareware tinkertool system. Tinkertool is a free app from Dr. Marcel Bresink... great dev.

Lvdoc replied on 29 Mar 2010
Thank you! And I've used Tinker Tool for years. Great app!

Randyharris commented on 09 Nov 2009
Nice utility that I can use.

1) I'd suggest changing the "Configuration" screen's title to: "DelayedLauncher Configuration"
2) Needs an icon instead of generic App icon.
3) Please put a PAUSE button that can be pressed when setting up, when opened it wants to start launching everything.
3) Most importantly, it would be great if each item could have it's own specific delay set for it. As it is now I've got a LOT of apps all firing up at exactly the same time which delays my system bog-down from boot up to a little later. Alternatively, maybe an user incremental delay setting instead of specific delays by item. In other works, an incremental delay of 5 seconds, so item 1 fires at the overall delay setting, 1 min 5 sec item #2 launches, 1 min 10 sec item 3 fires off, etc.

[Version 1.0]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Chachafance rated on 30 Apr 2012

[Version 2.2.1]

Greg_jackson-Zapu rated on 20 Nov 2011

[Version 2.2.1]

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Type:Utilities : System
Date:02 Feb 2011
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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DelayedLauncher... Have login items that you want to open a little later? DelayedLauncher should cover all your delayed launching needs!

Add DelayedLauncher to your login items, and add the login items you want delayed to it.

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