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26 November 2008

Addictive strategy puzzle game.


Hexy... Experience addictive strategy gameplay with Hexy: it's easy to learn, challenging to master, and impossible to put down!

The game is simple. To win, build a bridge connecting your two sides of the board while blocking your opponent from doing the same thing. Play against a friend or take on Buzzy, the Hexy artificial intelligence, for hours of fun!

  • Three modes of play: by yourself (against Buzzy the AI), against a friend on the same iPhone or iPod, or against a friend on the same WiFi network
  • Choose between three levels of difficulty
  • Beautiful graphics and nifty animations
  • look out for the bees!
  • Optional fun sound effects and compelling background music
  • Use your own music too
  • Hexy won't stop whatever's playing on your iPod
  • Automatically saves your game if you receive a phone call or exit Hexy while playing
  • Built-in help explains the rules of the classic strategy game Hex, on which Hexy is based
  • Carefully designed graphics that are suitable for colorblind players

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