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Income Tax Estimator '08 free download for Mac

Income Tax Estimator '081.0

26 November 2008

For U.S. income tax.


Income Tax Estimator '08... Ever lay around the house wondering how much you're going to get on your tax returns as you fight off the hordes of models and worry about your ferrari being damaged by all the excess cash you had lazily placed on top of it in your money vault?

Yeah, me neither. But sometimes I do wonder how much I'm going to be getting back on my taxes, and if you also wonder this then this application is the answer to your tax estimation problems, (you're left to deal with the models on your own).

Thanks to this app you can start planning your vacation come tax season or just see what cool neat things you can buy with your refund, (or vice versa you can start setting aside the money you're going to owe the lovely IRS).

Income Tax Estimator 2008 is a full featured tax estimator that attempts to combine ease of use with realistic and accurate tax estimation.

Not only will you have your tax estimate but you can, if you choose to, learn more about income taxes and how the tax system works.

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