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Album Artwork Assistant finds album cover artwork on the Internet and adds it to music track files in iTunes.
What's New
Version 3.2:
  • Adds compatibility with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper feature.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

MacUpdate - Album Artwork Assistant

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Album Artwork Assi... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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Lounge Deluxe commented on 05 Nov 2013
Excellent program but unfortunately it seems to have stopped working after an upgrade to Mavericks. It hangs at fetching tracks from iTunes. Could be my setup of course, YMMV.
[Version 3.2]

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KevinBourque8296 replied on 09 Dec 2013
Having the same issue… hoping they update this soon… best app I've used for finding artwork.

Macthijs replied on 31 Jan 2014
Same situation here.
KevinBourque8296 replied on 31 Jan 2014
appears the developers site is gone… this may have been discontinued…. anyone have a good alternative that works well?


Crus13 reviewed on 28 Aug 2013
Exelent app. Much like the widget which stoped working
[Version 3.2]



Mac Os X 4ever reviewed on 16 Jul 2012
WARNING: Malware Status.
I searched for "Johnny Cash Greatest Hits" and that was the only song I had selected.
I processed the artwork, and it took a long time. I thought it was locked up, but eventually it finished.
The worthless garbageware replaced every single "Greatest Hits" album in my entire library with that art.
The Cars, The Clash, EVERYTHING that had "Greatest Hits" in the name!
This thing is very dangerous!
[Version 3.2]


jackthegiantkiller reviewed on 30 Jun 2012
I'm also at a loss why it just default searches for the album title alone. I just had it accidentally write over 9 albums that all happened to be called "Greatest Hits". Really frustrating.
[Version 3.2]


Bdikkat commented on 08 May 2012
This thing just quits for me on launch every time using Lion. pft.
[Version 3.2]

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Marc Liyanage (developer) replied on 09 May 2012
For a brief time I had a broken build of version 3.2 up there that failed to launch on Lion. Please re-download and try it again.


RavenNevermore reviewed on 07 May 2012
Decided to give this a try, since the widget I use doesn't always work. This was a bit confusing at first, since no songs show up in the list, and there didn't seem to be a way to add them.Then I saw the "Install iTunes AppleScript" command, and figured it all out.

Worked great the first time finding an album by Adrian Belew and the Bears.
[Version 3.2]



PaperCutPro reviewed on 07 May 2012
I thought I'd already written something on AAA. In my opinion it's the best Artwork finder I've found. I've tried them all. Every one that's listed above here. They all suck. They all bog down under pressure. They might be good for you if you have a couple hundred songs in your library but when you have a giant collection, you need a tool that can either handle a huge load or is load independent, which is the case with Album Artwork Assistant. I just keep a smartlist in itunes of songs with no artwork and every once in a while I fire up AAA and it takes care of the task at hand. It's not locked into some private,cleaned up artwork library that only has art from the pop lists. It goes into Google and can find pretty much anything that you throw at it. 5 Stars! Marc, you should charge something! $10 would still be a bargain.
[Version 3.2]


Toad-in-the-hole reviewed on 29 Apr 2012
Ladies and gents, I am having a problem with this once-excellent piece of software: lately, it won't find any album art for me - the little thing just keeps spinning around. Now, I think you will agree that is a rather large problem. Could this be to do with upgrading to Lion? Or somesuch? I have tried re downloading the software but to no avail. Your thoughts, gratefully considered, dear fellows.
[Version 3.1]



Watcher reviewed on 05 Mar 2012
A handy app for sure! When other apps cannot help you find an artwork!
[Version 3.1]



Magosilvan reviewed on 27 Feb 2012
Questo è il primo programma che trova le copertine dopo i recenti cambiamenti apportati da Amazon.
[Version 3.1]

ram102 had trouble on 01 Jul 2012
I decided to remove Album Artwork Assistant, but now i am having a problem removing the iTunes keyboard shortcut in iTunes on the upper menu bar. This was a script that I ran to install it into iTunes.
If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I am running this on a Mac running OSX 10.7.2. I tried going to the developers website, but that directs you to use the user forum which is a bad link or to e-mail him which does not work.
[Version 3.2]

Gregchar had trouble on 15 Jun 2012
A question for the developer or anyone else:

I am using Lion. App loads, I select tracks of an album, app finds several album covers, I select one, but when I click Add Immediately or try to go through the queue, I get a message:

Unable to set album artwork.
An error of type 1000 has occurred.

Have tried with several different album covers of same album and have tried several different albums.

Any help from anyone?
[Version 3.2]


Mudflapper had trouble on 07 May 2012
Won't launch for me on Lion.
[Version 3.2]

Saltmine rated on 13 Jun 2013

[Version 3.2]


BadBadger rated on 27 Feb 2012

[Version 3.1]

VHaran rated on 05 Mar 2011

[Version 3.0]

Jamieb-64 rated on 16 Feb 2011

[Version 3.0]

Wojtypa rated on 04 Jan 2011

[Version 3.0]

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Album Artwork Assistant finds album cover artwork on the Internet and adds it to music track files in iTunes.

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