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Folx is a free download manager for Mac. It boasts the ability to split downloads in threads, resume interrupted downloads, efficiently manage and organize downloads, etc. It has a handy file-management system that allows finding any file you downloaded with Folx at lightning speed. Tagging downloads adds to the convenience of Folx: you can assign a tag--or several tags--to each download task, and easily find them whenever you need them, even if they were downloaded ages ago.

Folx Pro is available for a reasonable fee. The Pro version allows you to
What's New
Version 3.0 (2371):
  • Added: Possibility to drag-n-drop multiple downloads at a time to Folx window from text editor. Each link should be listed from the new line.
  • Added: Japanese localization.
  • Added: Folx Plugin preferences are now available at click on Folx icon in Menu Bar
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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wizbang_fl reviewed on 13 Apr 2014
Folx is put out by Elmedia and as a free version worked well. I saw there was a pro version so started looking at their website where they touted that it was now available on the Mac App Store but on the App Store it's marketed as Folx Go+ instead of Folx 3 Pro. So it must be the most updated version since they were promoting it on their site? Nope, doesn't appear so. It seems to be a simplified version of what Folx 3 pro is or was but there is no way to figure it out on the company website. Even in the help page for Folx Go+ it takes the user to Folx 3. Not too pleased at this point, bought a version when I had the apparently better version as a free version.

Overall Folx 3 free works decently, and limited to 2 downloads allows it to not overload your internet connection. It also will store user id and password. However, the user id and password doesn't appears to be stored "site specific" so you have to manage your downloads from one site and then change the default user id and password before starting to download from a different site (or make the user id and password the same which isn't a good habit)

Besides the mixed message of marketing the other issue is the plugin activation process. It took 2 or 3 attempts to install plugins to get them to work and link properly to Folx. Occasionally it still doesn't catch the download and it's managed by the browser instead of the app itself. If a download fails don't spend time trying to get the first download temp file (with .folx extension) to complete the download. If the download fails it's almost always necessary to start over at the site and recreate the download task.

Also (unfortunately) all .folx files are not compatible with each other. I had started downloading some files under folx3 and when I bought the Folx Go+ version which uses the same file extn it isn't able to complete the process started by the other program.

The disparity seems to be the developer hasn't figured out how they are going to manage 4 versions of the same program. (2 free and 2 paid versions) resulting in issues with plugins, marketing, self help materials, and file compatibility. Hopefully, they can resolve the issues and get back on track.
[Version 3.0]

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Eltima Software (developer) replied on 15 Apr 2014
Thank you for your feedback, your requests have been forwarded to the corresponding department and we will consider updating the details about the App Store version on our web-site.

Regarding the .folx files, different versions are fully compatible among themselves. One version can complete the process started by the other version. Please, supply our customer service with the exact URL you are trying to download from, and we will test the process on our side.

As concerning the plugins, I must admit that we have not received similar complains from other clients and have not face such difficulties during our testing. Please, describe the issue to our customer service with the exact sequence of your actions, so that we could reproduce it on our side and identify its source.

Helmo Hass commented on 06 Mar 2014
it seems fine, only one thing that prevent me from buying it is that every time you download a file the plugin hangs whit the trust validator page, very annoying! so uninstalled and back to old fashion style
[Version 3.0]


Billybob152 commented on 03 Mar 2014
Just bought this version as an upgrade.

How in the hell does one use this app in version 3? Can't get it to work like version 2 did at all. Maybe it's because I am an old fart and can't understand anymore.

Help is useless from within the app.

Many options seem to be unavailable in version 3 or if they are still there can't find them.

Safari plug-in crashed.

I wrote them back to ask for a refund.
[Version 3.0]

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Eltima Software (developer) replied on 05 Mar 2014
Unfortunately the information you provide in this post is not enough to make any comments from our side. Please, contact our support team to get the qualified answer of our experts.


Rubaiyat reviewed on 22 Jan 2014
This is one of those apps you think might be useful, until you try it.

You get an indication of the thinking behind it when the installer is named: "downloader_mac.dmg".

My experience was of an over confused UI.

I couldn't tell if it was working or not, where it was dumping the files (in its own folder somewhere) and it kept cutting in on every little DL, causing problems with things that needed log-ins and/or Captcha.

It turned into a serial pest, then I had all the trouble of trying to get rid of it.

All in all something that takes the relatively simple task of download and turns it into a post graduate thesis. You would think that simplification would be a virtue… not to some.
[Version 3.0]

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Eltima Software (developer) replied on 30 Jan 2014
Please, make sure that you are using the latest build. In Folx 3 all the downloads are stored in Downloads folder and any file can be easily found in its new file manager. If you have exact issues with exact URLs, please, contact our support team.

PatrickB2860 reviewed on 25 Nov 2013
Works great!
[Version 3.0]


Javaded reviewed on 22 Nov 2013
I've downloaded a free version, but I have a problem, I do not know if the pro version is like this or not?
when starts downloading from direct link, the speed is about 1/3 of my total speed, and it reaches to 0 kb/s to some times,
with every link I have this problem
[Version 3.0]

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Eltima Software (developer) replied on 26 Nov 2013
Folx uses Internet channel at a full capacity both in FREE and PRO version. Your issue might be caused by your Internet provider or router settings if you use it.

wizbang_fl replied on 13 Apr 2014
Some websites don't allow multiple threads of one file to be downloaded at the same time. Some sites see this type of use as some form of cyber "attack" and start throttling the IP the request is coming from. Experienced this from a few sites I used this on.

Monty commented on 13 Nov 2013
I've been trying to reach support for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if this company is still in business? If a presages question can't even be answered, I've very leery of buying a product that probably isn't even supported.
[Version 3.0]

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Eltima Software (developer) replied on 14 Nov 2013
Hello, Monty!

Sorry for the delay in our reply. We have received your e-mail and will answer you shortly.


Yubben reviewed on 11 Nov 2013
I've finally received a reply from the support team, and my upgrade problem was solved.

Folx 3 is a great download manager, unfortunately it doesn't work with some kind of download (mediafire, rapdishare and so on). It would be perfect if it could work with them.

Appart from that, the new version is much better than the previous one.

I used SpeedDownload before, but Folx is more user-friendly, plus it optimizes the bandwidth of your ISP so that you can give the highest priority to your download.
[Version 3.0]


YoavW4390 reviewed on 03 Nov 2013
Hello to all,
I've been using MAC computers for the last 3 years, wondering around programs that will make my life easier. but when a friend told me Folx 3 I was amazed. it's an easy to use program, with a minimum amount of time to configure. all sorts of data can be easily downloaded. The new interface make the whole experience quick and fun. Downloading was never that easy.
Folx 3 is a strong engine so it uses the maximum bandwidth of your ISP giving the highest priority to your download.
I gave 5 stars because I really couldn't fine any program that fits my needs more than Folx 3
[Version 3.0]


MichaelV5894 reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
I've been using Folx from the very first version and recently upgraded from Folx 2.0 to Folx 3...So far no issues to work with this download manager under Maverick MAC OS.While a new simple,minimalist GUI
was a pleasant surprise,it took me a couple of days to get use to it,maybe because of the new color scheme that Eltima choose for a new Folx 3.Program easily handles all my humble download needs as before,however there is an ongoing struggle to handle magnet-torrent links and also occasionally a regular download link isn't picked up by Folx and goes straight to Safari which is kinda odd.Being my essential piece of software on Mac OS Folx 3 has huge potential to be one of the best download managers for MAC - especially if the bugs and glitches will be fixed with a future releases and further development...
That's why I give 4 stars - because there is always space for improvement!
[Version 3.0]

Polocanada had trouble on 05 Nov 2010
All these file extensions are automatically registered with Folx when you install it. I think it should be rather an opt-in and not an opt-out for me to dig though it where to disable to plugin. I am going to delete the plugin manually, it sucks...

Folx Downloader Netscape plug-in
video/x-msvideo avi,vfw,wmv
video/mpeg mpeg,mpg,mpe,m2v,m1v,mpa,m1s,m1a,m75,m15,mp2,mpm,mpv
video/mp4 mp4,mpg4
application/x-bittorrent torrent
audio/mpeg mp3,mp2,mpga,mpeg,mpg,m1s,m1a,mpm,mpa,m2a,swa,mpega
audio/mp3 mp3,swa
application/x-compress z,taz
application/x-gtar gtar,tgz
application/x-gzip gz,gzip,tgz
application/bzip2 bz2,tbz,tbz2
application/x-tar tar,tgz,gz,tbz,tbz2,bz2,tlz,tlzma,lzma,txz,xz
application/mac-binhex40 hqx
application/x-stuffit sit,sitx
application/x-macbinary bin
application/x-apple-diskimage dmg
application/pdf pdf
application/postscript ps,eps,ai
application/x-msdownload exe,dll,bat,pif,com,scr,msi
application/x-msdos-program exe,dll,bat,pif,com,scr,msi
application/zip zip
application/x-zip-compressed zip
application/x-rar-compressed rar
application/msword doc,dot,wiz,wzs
application/ xls,xl,xla,xlb,xlc,xld,xlk,xll,xlm,xlt,xlv,xlw,csv
application/ pot,ppa,pps,ppt,pwz
video/x-ms-wmv wmv,wmx
video/x-ms-asf asf,asx
audio/flac flac
application/octet-stream avi,mp3,rar,bin,bz2,gz,dmg,tgz,lha,lzh,exe
video/avi avi,vfw
video/msvideo avi,vfw,wmv
video/x-mpeg mpeg,mpg,m1s,m1v,m1a,m75,m15,mp2,mpm,mpv,mpa,mpe
audio/x-mpeg mpeg,mpg,m1s,m1a,mp2,mpm,mpa,mp3,m2a,swa,mpga,mpega
audio/mpeg3 mp3,swa
audio/x-aac aac,adts
audio/x-mp3 mp3,swa
audio/x-mpeg3 mp3,swa
application/x-zip zip
application/x-rar rar
audio/audible aa
application/disk-image dmg
application/x-pilot prc
application/force-download dmg
application/stuffit sit
audio/x-audible aa
application/x-octet-stream mp3
application/x-msvideo avi
application/x-disk-image dmg
audio/shorten shn
audio/x-flac flac
application/mac-compactpro cpt
application/x-url-list urls
audio/x-shorten shn
chemical/x-pdb pdb
application/zip-compressed zip
application/x-diskcopy dmg
application/dmg dmg
application/x-quartzcomposer qtz
application/macbinary bin
video/ms-wmv wmv
application/x-sit sit
application/x-bzip2 bz2,tbz
application/binary dmg
application/x-dvi dvi
application/x-bz2 bz2
application/x-dosexec exe
[Version 1.0]

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Raggatagg replied on 01 Mar 2011
Hi! i'm discovering the same thing ~ and i'm on the 'free' version." All of my application updates are being 'snatched' and i cannot find them anywhere. They don't even show up under the browser download windows. i used to be able to click "reveal [or show] in finder ... but that feature'a been disabled. i thought i was going bonkers ~ so ty for posting your note!

i'm not sure there's an overwhelming need to have folx at all..... or am i missing the boat on something else? i'll try muddling through the free version for a while, but i'm dumbfounded as to why my other apps are effected. ty ~ and ty for sharing your concerns!
Polocanada had trouble on 05 Nov 2010
I am trying to figure out how to get rid of the plugin in Opera. It installs a Netscape style plugin somewhere in Opera directory and no way to disable it. I didn't ask for this particularly not for every and each single file extension beside htm(l) to be registered with Folx. Thats's just wrong and no interface in the program provided.

Opera on OSX
[Version 1.0]


Polarimetric had trouble on 23 Jan 2010
Extremely suspicious activity going on here. Ever since installing the latest update (Build 0.9.533.423, which does not seem to be listed on MacUpdate yet) I'm getting a lot of blocked attempts to connect to various IP addresses. I do not have a torrent active, nor do I currently have any downloads active or paused. Why is Folx trying to make connections when I do not have a download active? Quitting the utility until I figure out why.
[Version 0.9.443.400]


Shadymac had trouble on 04 Oct 2009
AS the last poster points out folx has this major issue of "hijacking" links and downloading without authorization I found out today it downloaded 2 songs from whatever site I visited even though I did not want to download those songs!!!

I am fed up with folx hijacking links what if it downloads a virus next time, I suggest the developer remove this automated function of downloading automatically or capturing downloads it severely eats into my speeds and renders my internet usage nil.

And despite disabling the functions in Firefox, on the folx icon deleting the folx add ons it still attempts to dictate downloads. The developers need to get it into their head we decide what to download not the software. I no longer recommend folx and now think your better off with speed download instead. As it does not leave bits of files around and does not hijack as much links, and has the courtesy to ask if you want to download a file or not!!!!
[Version 0.9.365.366]

Francis cobb had trouble on 20 Aug 2009
i seem to having some issues when i download files with folx.

files which links to yousendit.

at the start the file names appear as how it should.. but after a while the converts straight to a file named...transfer.php. and with this it becomes a text file.

the size of the file remains the same but i cant seem to open the file at all. Anyone encountering the same issue as me?

if so how can i open the files?


mitch_k had trouble on 16 May 2009
This (May 15) version ( crashes upon launch. The crash report states
"Link (dyld) error:
Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libproc.dylib
Referenced from: /Applications/Utilities/
Reason: image not found"

Well, there's no libproc.dylib to be found anywhere on my boot disk (10.4.11). The previous version DID work. Is it Leopard-only?

One more thing: you can "Use Folx to catch download links in browsers" via its Preferences (it appears to run a script to achieve this). Once the Beta expires, it won't run anymore (quits on launch), so there's no way to undo that setting. From then on, when you click on a download link, Folx launches and immediately quits (as it's expired) and nothing gets downloaded...
(Actually, you can still download by right-clicking the link and choosing "Download Linked File As...", but it is a rather annoying oversight.)


Bottacco rated on 06 Mar 2014

[Version 3.0]


RONIN427 rated on 29 Jan 2014

[Version 3.0]


MalinaJ6283 rated on 11 Dec 2013

[Version 3.0]


Yubben rated on 11 Nov 2013

[Version 3.0]


gorges rated on 10 Oct 2013

[Version 3.0]


Junk-App rated on 02 Aug 2013

[Version 2.0.1030]

jjwalk rated on 09 Jul 2013

[Version 2.0.1030]


rames123 rated on 11 May 2013

[Version 2.0.1030]


Calmeforet rated on 24 Apr 2013

[Version 2.0.1030]


Monkeyjunkey rated on 19 Apr 2013

[Version 2.0.1030]

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Folx is a free download manager for Mac. It boasts the ability to split downloads in threads, resume interrupted downloads, efficiently manage and organize downloads, etc. It has a handy file-management system that allows finding any file you downloaded with Folx at lightning speed. Tagging downloads adds to the convenience of Folx: you can assign a tag--or several tags--to each download task, and easily find them whenever you need them, even if they were downloaded ages ago.

Folx Pro is available for a reasonable fee. The Pro version allows you to schedule downloads and to define the exit behavior when downloading is finished: system shut down, switch to sleep mode, or quit Folx; control the download speed; split downloads into as many as 10 threads for even faster downloading experience; and to add the downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists automatically.

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