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22 November 2008

Tells you your zip code based on location, and those near you.


BdZipFinder... Ever been some place and needed the Zip Code to get information from the web? Now you can answer now you can find the local Zip Code with BdZipFinder.

BdZipFinder is a simple but effect way to locate Zip Codes in the United States. Using your current position, you can find all the Zip Codes within a 10 to 50 mile radius of your current location. You can display the center of the Zip Code area or view all Zip Codes by state.

What you can do with BdZipFinder:

  • Launch and get the Zip Code based on your location
  • Enter a Zip Code and search for the location
  • Find adjacent Zip Codes and City Names
  • Search Zip Codes by states

Why would you want BdZipFinder? When you are traveling outside you local area and looking for stores, restaurants, or searching the Internet in a new location. Internet sites always seem to ask for your Zip Code. With BdZipFinder, you can quickly find the Zip Code where you are located and all Zip Codes within a 10 to 50 mile range on the map.

Another reason is sales. If you divide sales up by territory or Zip Code, knowing where and what Zip Codes are in a state is essential and often a time consuming chore. Let BdZipFinder simplify the solution for you.

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