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Spreadsheet LX1.0

19 November 2008

Quick data and formula entry; just $2.99 for a limited time.


Spreadsheet LX allows for quick data and formula entry, and contains many useful functions not found on any other spreadsheet!


  • Copy individual cells or a range of cells!
  • Paste a cell to another cell or range of cells!
  • Paste cells or ranges of cells between cells!
  • Hit other cells to insert them into the formula while editing a cell!
  • Sort cells data in rows from smallest to largest!
  • Email spreadsheets as with xml formatting!
  • Comprehensive help documentation for all functions and spreadsheet features!
  • Want help while typing a functions? Go to the help center and insert the function into the formula and the syntax for the function is displayed to help while you type!
  • Scroll through cells with a flick of a finger or jump cells with the goto function!
  • Insert/Delete rows/columns
  • Tons of useful functions including Financial functions like loan payments! Compare to other spreadsheet functions!
Functions include:
  • sum
  • average
  • payment on a loan
  • present value of a loan
  • future value of a loan
  • number of periods of a loan
  • factorials
  • minimum value
  • maximum value
  • median value
  • mode value
  • standard deviation
  • absolute value
  • log of arbitrary base
  • natural log
  • pi
  • sine
  • cosine
  • tangent
  • arcsine
  • arccosine
  • arctangent
  • Many more! This list contains less than half the total functions available.

Visit our website/check out instructions on the app for a more comprehensive list of functions! Landscape mode is not supported at this time but should be shortly.

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