12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator
12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator


12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator free download for Mac

12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator

25 December 2010

Business calculator with more than 120 functions.


12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator The new updated 12C Platinum Business and Financial calculator, with all the features of the real one.

Over 120 built-in functions including:

  • Selectable RPN or Algebraic input logic
  • TVM, Amortization, Bonds and depreciation.
  • Register based cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
  • % change, % of total
  • Cumulative statistical analysis & Linear regression
  • Date arithmetic.
  • Fully programmable
  • etc...

iPhone features:

  • Landscape and Portrait Orientation in all views.
  • Continuous memory.
  • Additional views touching the Display.
  • Click sound volume control.
  • User selectable decimal separator touching "F ,/." keys.
  • 1000 program lines with line insertion instead of line replacing input.
  • Free support & updates
  • Buy and get for free super expanded 12C Classic or 10bII simulations for your Mac or Windows PC. Visit our website to download the calculator for your Computer and send an e-mail to sales@rlmtools.com attaching your App Store ticket. The unlocking serial code will be e-mailed back.

What's new in 12C Platinum ALG/RPN Calculator

Version 2.1:

Small calculation bugs solved:

  • Zero coupon Bonds no longer produce an Error.
  • RCL CFj & Nj works properly.

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