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Q Contacts1.1

28 November 2008

Fast way to call, text, or email any contact.


Q Contacts The fastest way to call, text, or email any contact!

  1. Type any name
  2. Tap once to call, text, or email
  3. There is no Step 3!

Q Contacts is your communications starting point. Start your iPhone and go straight to Q Contacts.

If you're used to your old BlackBerry or RAZR and how you could just type to search any name, Q Contacts lets you do exactly that.

CALLING? Start with Q Contacts. No need to decide between Recents, Favorites, and All Contacts. Just type and search. We've tested. It's faster.

TEXTING? Start with Q Contacts. Ever look for a person in your text inbox, only to scroll down endlessly and not find them? Just use Q Contacts.

EMAILING? Start with Q Contacts. Skip straight to picking the person you want to email. No need to check your inbox first.

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