AirMote free download for Mac


16 November 2008

Use your iPhone/iPod touch as a remote control.


AirMote lets you watch video, listen to music, and control presentations on your Mac, using your iPhone or iPod Touch as the remote control. The basic idea is you can sit back and control Front Row or other media players to watch movies, show photos, listen to podcasts and music around the house, or stand up and control Keynote or PowerPoint and give a presentation, or demonstrate your software to your audience from across a conference room or auditorium. Several remote control layouts are built-in, set up for controlling these applications. Other layouts take advantage of Apple's Mouse Keys, Full Keyboard Access, and VoiceOver features. AirMote is fully customizable, so it can command your computer in all sorts of ways. It does so by sending keystrokes to your computer. You can make your own buttons that send what you want, and put the buttons onto remote control layouts you set up. You can only have up to twelve buttons on screen at once, but you can have as many screens as you like, and switch between them quickly, round-robin style.

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