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OsiriX for iPhone

17 December 2010

3D medical image processing software with DICOM/PACS support.


OsiriX is a companion application to OsiriX for Mac which is an interactive visualization program designed for display and analysis of medical images. The iPhone version allows downloading and manipulating series of images directly on the iPhone. OsiriX on iPhone is capable of displaying images from most common imaging modality (ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET, etc.) in their native standard DICOM format used by the medical industry.

OsiriX on iPhone is a fully DICOM-compliant listener that can receive images from any DICOM imaging device through WiFi network. The iPhone application is designed to work seamlessly with the desktop version of the software (running only on a Mac). The desktop version of OsiriX is an Open Source software program distributed for free (www.osirixviewer.com). Transferring images from OsiriX application to the iPhone version is performed by a simple drag-and-drop of image stored in the OsiriX database. Mobile OsiriX is a convenient extension to the OsiriX desktop software for users that need access to images remotely anywhere anytime. Its performance is clearly superior to traditional web-based teleradiology systems and it allows local storage and review of. It provides fast interactive image manipulation tools such as zoom, pan, cine and contrast adjustment of images through the multipoint touch screen interface of the iPhone. It can handle remote query and retr ieve of DICOM images directly from a list displayed on the device itself. The convenience of being able to access DICOM images remotely added to the fact that images can be previewed on the iPhone screen in a very effective and convenient way offers a new perspective for mobile teleradiology.

The performance of image manipulation on the device itself instead of traditional web-based interface adds a degree of freedom and robustness in case of network interruptions or poor wireless signal.

Key features:

  • Display and browsing through large sets of images through an interactive slider
  • Zoom and Pan and rotation of the images through two-fingers drag and pinch
  • Contrast and intensity adjustment of image window and level through single finger drag
  • Rapid switch between image series through single finger screen swipe
  • Reset to image default size and setting through double tap
  • Measurement of object sizes using a line measurement tool that can be set and adjusted by two fingers
  • Measurement of image content data using a circular region of interest tool that can be drawn and moved with two fingers
  • Fully DICOM compliant Listener
  • Preference setting for user DICOM communication settings
  • Access to desktop database through web-based portal for retrieving image data
  • Built-in help
  • Works best with OsiriX desktop software, free.


    Support Website:

What's new in OsiriX for iPhone

Version 1.1.4:
  • Bug correction: Q&R crash under iOS 4.0

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