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13 November 2008

Creates amazing animations of little particles.


Spawn is a program that creates amazing animations of little particles that are influenced by different forces. Without user interaction the forces are chosen randomly and the particles seems to have a mind of its own, flying around, reacting to gravity and invisible force fields. The patterns created are reminiscent of fireworks, sea anemones, electrons in a cloud chamb er, or tiny organisms under a microscope. You can exert control over the particles by touching the screen and dragging your finger. The ever color changing particles will follow and circle your finger wherever you move it. Double tap the screen to see them explode, spawning a mass of new particles in all directions. Spread or pinch horizontally and the particles will fly faster or slower. Spread or pinch vertically and the particles will become bigger or smaller. Spread or pinch diagonally (like a \) and the particles will have a longer or shorter trail. By changing the combinations one can create endless patterns that can be saved as images to your phone by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time. Check out our product page at for a set of sample images created by Spawn.

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