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Triple Play Poker1.0

13 November 2008

Play three poker hands at once with bets of up to five credits per han


Triple Play Poker... Bring the high stakes action of Triple Play Poker with you on the go! Exclusively licensed by Action Gaming, Inc. for iPod Touch & iPhone use, this is based on the famous video poker game that you find in casino's everywhere!

== About Triple Play Poker ==

With Triple Play Poker, you have the chance to play three poker hands at once with bets of up to five credits per hand. You can bet one credit per hand, one credit on all hands, or the max number of credits on all hands. You then tap Deal and the first hand is dealt to you face up. Based on what you were dealt, you tap which cards to hold and those cards are then held in all three hands. After holding the desired cards, you tap Draw and the rest of the cards are dealt. Since each hand is dealt from its own 52 card deck, you're effectively playing three hands at once and you've got three chances to win big!

== Challenge Mode ==

Don't just sit around all day playing poker! With challenge mode, you've got a goal: Get to the target credit amount by playing the least hands you can. Think of it like golf, but without all the weird outfits.

== Stat-tastic ==

Ever wonder just how much time you spend playing games on your iPhone? Or wonder what you biggest win has been in that time? Well wonder no more because Triple Play Poker keeps track of every single one of these stats, and more!

== Resume-ified ==

Some iPhone games don't have the courtesy to let you resume your progress. What happens if you get a phone call? Text message? And what if your battery dies? Don't worry because with Triple Play Poker, you can always pick up right where you left off.

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